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December 3, 2012

Freedom Advocates adds new website – Agenda 21 News

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OK-SAFE, Inc. – From our friends at Freedom Advocates in Santa Cruz, CA.  If you are not already signed up to receive their newsletters, click here to do so.

Freedom Advocates is excited to announce the introduction of a brand new website called Agenda 21 News. The purpose of this website is to broaden your understanding of the Agenda 21 onslaught through relevant news and information. Agenda 21 News works in tandem with the more formal presentation of the permanent resources at FreedomAdvocates.org. Check in regularly at Agenda21News.com or sign up to receive an email digest of new postings.

More from Freedom Advocates….

The REPORT from www.FreedomAdvocates.org December 2, 2012

There has been a surge of interest in Agenda 21. Freedom Advocates’ founders began their work in the year 2000 and have been consistently dedicated to Agenda 21 exposure, while always avoiding the false dialectic. The library of Agenda 21 materials at the Freedom Advocates website is a compilation of timeless information presented in multiple formats.

Regionalism at the Local Level Transit Corridors Plan – The County of Santa Cruz is moving quickly and quietly to implement this massive sustainability program. Although public opposition has taken root, many Santa Cruzan’s are unaware of the Transit Corridors Plan. Consensus-style “visioning” meetings are being held in order to lay the foundation for the local Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors to force the remake of Santa Cruz on residents. Read related articles here:

More here.



July 24, 2012

The Northwest Technate – 1946

OK-SAFE, Inc. – One can sometimes find interesting things at estate sales. One such find was the recent discovery of a slim magazine entitled The Northwest Technocrat, NO. 119, Vol. X, which originally sold for 15 cents.

Here was history.  This was actual evidence of the Technocracy movement that swept across the U.S. in the early part of the 20th century, before mysteriously dying off in the late 1940’s or so.  (Maybe it just went into the universities, to percolate there, instead.)

Published in 1946 by Technocracy Inc., and showing an address of 9108 Woodward Ave., Detroit 2, MICH., the cover of this edition features a black and white photo of a fire truck – apparently evidence of the advancements in the design of fire truck technology.

Featuring such articles as Why Not Eat Cake?, Here’s to Health!, Fire!, Science for Sale, and Developing Trends, the magazine included a A Letter to Manchester Boddy. 

This short letter-to-the-editor piece questioned why articles about Technocracy had ceased to appear in Boddy’s Los Angeles paper, The Daily News, after that paper had been such a strong advocate earlier?

Excerpt from a Letter to Manchester Boddy (p. 21):

“Now, Mr. Boddy, since you once publicly proclaimed that Technocracy has the answers and that it was ‘little less than treason’ for the ‘men on the inside’ to withhold information on Technocracy, and since you, yourself, for several months used material on Technocracy as front page stuff, why then is Technocracy no longer mentioned in your paper?  Can you tell me why a scientific balance between production and distribution, as long proposed by Technocracy Inc., is any less correct and necessary today than you openly admitted it was in 1932 and 1933?

In view of the fact that your paper claims to be the outstanding liberal newspaper in Los Angeles, I expect your prompt reply, editorially and otherwise.

Yours very sincerely,

Wm. J. Winchester, 11833-2* (see endnote for explanation of this number)

Los Angeles, Jan. 21, 1946″

Page 23 featured the graphic “Schematic Administration Chart of the American Technate”, the chart detailing the structure for the Administrative control over the “functional sequences” associated with with all the physical equipment of the Continent, (industrial production, consumption and distribution) and the service functions (public health, education and recreation).  This administrative structure was to be overseen by a Continental Control, who reported to a Continental Director.

Schematic Administration Chart of the America Technate

This chart defines the structure for a proposed “new social organization for North America.”  Most people would clearly see this as a set up for tyranny, but not the Technocrats.

These rational “science-based” technocrats believed that if experts – i.e. non-political experts such as themselves – oversaw all the functions of  production and distribution, if they managed to efficiently regulate and control energy usage across the entire North American Continent, if they oversaw the entire social order, matching worker to task and providing the basic necessities of life (and threw in some recreation and entertainment) – there would balance in the world and everyone would be happy, satisfied and content.

Technocrats believed that these rational “science-based” experts would not  abuse their authority or tyrannize the people.

In the real world this is referred to as “fantasy.”

Reading any of the material put forth by Technocracy Inc. one senses foreshawdowing of that political agenda known as sustainable development, aka Agenda 21.

See our prior post entitled What is Technocracy? and click on the Technocracy Study Course text to see evidence of this idea.

It is entirely possible that the social organization as envisioned by these early technocrats laid the groundwork for future sustainable development policies.

At the very least, technocratic ideas helped pave the way for an agenda based on ‘scarcity’, an agenda that is orchestrating a systematic reduction in standards of living here and elsewhere.  Technocracy Inc. made it clear that as the advancements in technology occurred, and the means of production became more streamlined, fewer and fewer people would be needed to do the work.  (People being replaced by machines or by computers).  This means an increase in unemployment virtually everywhere.

A reduced need for workers translates into an overall reduction in the need for people in general.

So how to deal with the excess population? How about promoting the idea that the world is over-populated, and that man has caused global warming?  Eliminate God and God’s plan for people from public discussion, and develop schemes and policies that favor single lifestyles, childless marriage and smaller families.  Make abortion legal and readily available. Plan densely packed communities, and squeeze people into smaller and smaller dwellings, making it harder for them to have a family. Make it more difficult and expensive to own property or have a car.   Promote a culture of death by creating a health care system that can unplug the elderly or infirm because they are no longer productive, cost too much or are using too many resources, etc.

Spreading the Technocratic idea – Units and Members

If the papers had quit publishing information about Technocracy,  how were the ideas and concepts of Technocracy being spread around the country? Apparently by means of magazines such as The Northwest Technocrat and the establishment of chartered Sections of “units and members” all across the country.

This is reminiscent of how so many Rotary Clubs, America Legions and Masonic Lodges were established in small towns across the U.S. in the early 20th century.

Page 21, (22 of the pdf) reads in part, “The basic unit of Technocracy is the chartered Section consisting of a minimum of 25 members and running up to several hundred….There are units and members of Technocracy in almost every state in the U.S. and in all provinces in Canada, and in addition there are members in Alaska, Hawaii, Panama, Puerto Rico and in numerous other places with the Armed Forces.  Members of Technocracy are glad to travel many miles to discuss Technocracy’s Program with any interested people and Continental Headquarters will be please to inform anyone of the location of the nearest Technocracy unit.”

Membership was open to almost anyone in North America – except “Aliens, Asiatics and politicians are not eligible.”  Oh, those rascally politicians.

There is evidence to suggest that there is a rising technocracy of sorts, here in the U.S. and elsewhere.

If so, this means the end of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, meaning property; the end of country, home and hearth. A Technate recognizes no borders or boundaries, and seeks to have global control of all the earth’s natural resources and  people.  It aims to dictate how we people live and where, and how many of us there should be; a technate does not acknowledge God’s plans for His people.

This is tyranny.

For more information on this subject visitthe August Forecast & Review website or see posting on the OK-SAFE website.


*ENDNOTE: Most of the articles featured in The Northwest Technocrat were signed by individuals, who followed their names with a six-digit number (five number, hyphen, single number).

In the Technocracy Study course, the Continent was to broken up into Regional Divisions, determined not by country or state boundaries, but by latitude and longitude.  An individual’s Regional Division number was determined by adding up the bisecting points of the southeast corner – i.e. 11833-2.  Think of it as early GEO tagging.

Excerpt from the Technocracy Study Course, (p. 245 of the pdf)

“It is the latter system of subdividing the Continent on the basis of latitude and longitude that we shall adopt. By this system we shall define a Regional Division to be a quadrangle bounded by two successive degrees of longitude and two successive degrees of latitude. The number assigned to each Regional Division will be that of the combined longitude and latitude of the point at the southeast corner of the quadrangle. Thus the Regional Division in which New York City is located is 7340; Cleveland, 8141; St. Louis, 9038; Chicago, 8741; Los Angeles, 11834; Mexico City, 9919; Edmonton, 11353, etc. In this manner all the present political boundaries are dispensed with. The whole area is blocked off into a completely rational and simple system of Regional Divisions the number for each of which not only designates it but also locates it. It is these Regional Divisions that form the connecting link between the present provisional organization of Technocracy and the proposed operating one depicted in the foregoing chart. In the process of starting an organization the membership of a particular unit is much more likely to be united by geographic proximity than as members of any particular functional sequence.” 

April 30, 2012

Time for a Power Rebellion? Utilities Plan Rate Hikes – ah, those Smart Meters!

OK-SAFE, Inc. –  According to the political agenda known as sustainable development (aka Agenda 21), each person must reduce their energy consumption, or else it’s the end of the world, or something like that.  In other words, due to ‘climate change and human activity’ everyone, especially Americans, has to reduce their standard of living to subsistence level or else…

“Energy efficiency” is the talking point that seems to be everywhere – on the campaign trail, in state legislatures, at city council meetings, and new building codes. Being energy efficient is included in almost all sales pitches – from appliances to homes – and is part of the ‘going green’ agenda.

Folks are encouraged to buy Energy Star this or that, build energy efficient homes, install programmable electronic thermostats, unplug unused items and turn off lights.  Many businesses have been, or are being, remodeled or redesigned, including changing lighting fixtures, HVAC units and thermostats, windows, and even their hours of operation, all in the name of energy efficiency.

Power companies are installing (forceably so in many cases) the so-called Smart Meters on homes and businesses. These surveillance meters are supposedly more efficient than the existing analog meters, and are to reduce the cost of delivering energy to the consumers. The utility companies plan to eventually adopt time-of-day metering, to encourage consumers to change their power usage to off-peak-demand times.

Implied in these efforts is the notion that homeowners and businesses will reap financial benefits from these energy efficiency strategies, and will see reductions in their energy bills.  Everyone will save money, right?  (And the planet, of course.)

Not so fast.  Reducing folks’ energy bills is not really part of the plan; controlling consumption and raising rates is.

Utility rate increases, the natural next step in the Smart Meter/Smart Grid agenda.

It’s a no-win situation for the consumer – no matter what a person or business does to reduce their  energy usage, their energy bill is not going to go down.

Short of being off the grid entirely, or returning to a type of aboriginal living, there is no way to avoid what’s coming.  (Aboriginal living is not so far fetched – some in the “low-carbon initiative” movement are actually advocating this.) It doesn’t matter how much folks reduce their energy consumption, the rate they pay for energy (power) will only go in one direction – UP.

Sounds like it’s time for an Energy Rebellion

Rate increases are already being proposed in smart metered Idaho – and they’re coming soon to a state near you.  What will you do? Live with or do something to try stop it?

See the excellent action plan below, from researcher Vicky Davis.  In the meantime, follow this link to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission webpage dealing with Smart Meters.  Start reading here.

Opportunity Knocks… Let’s Answer It 

Note:  This was written for the people of Idaho, but everybody pays an electric bill so the suggestions offered here apply to people in all states.  Find your electric utility regulator’s website, get familiar with it, find out how to comment.  Watch for the next press release on a rate increase request and then spring into action. 

Yesterday, Idaho Power issued a press release that was published in the Idaho Statesman proposing an 8.5 percent increase in our monthly power bills “citing increased operating costs”.

Idaho Power pushes for rate increase
April 28, 2012

As part of its annual proposed rate adjustment, the state’s largest utility is proposing an overall 7.1 percent rate hike for residential customers. That means the average monthly bill would increase $6, from $83 to $89 per month.

The time when people are most receptive to new information, is when something happens to them directly and personally.  A significant increase in electric utility rates hits everybody – directly and personally.  In these hard economic times, an increase in the electric bill like this one provides us with an opportunity to present that new information.  It doesn’t matter that this opportunity begins with electric utility rates.  It’s the opportunity to talk to people about a subject that is guaranteed to interest them and to introduce them to the subject of Agenda 21 at the same time.  Energy restriction and control is at the heart of Agenda 21 – and the increase in electric rates demonstrates how.  The incentives are misaligned.  Your “reward” for conservation and efficiency is that you will pay more for less – and you have no choice because electric service is essential for all in an advanced country.   To be blunt about it, they’ve set up a racket.

Here is an article about electric rate decoupling – and don’t be fooled by the time limitations set for the decoupling.  They just extend the date when it expires.

Utility Decoupling:  Giving Utilities Incentives to Promote Energy Efficiency

The following image is of a paragraph in the 2006 National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, Page (Adobe):

Idaho Public Utilities Commission Order 30267, Case No. IPC-E-04-15  (initial decoupling order)

What we found out in Idaho is that it wasn’t Idaho Power that was pushing Smart Grid, Smart Meters and “Demand Side Management”, it was the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC).  The IPUC is not acting in the interests of the people of Idaho, they are implementing the policies of NARUC – and NARUC is responding to the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) – and NAESB is working with NIST and the Department of Energy (DOE).

Here is the suggestion for all Tea Party Groups, 9-12, property rights groups, – all groups fighting Agenda 21.

Rally your members for an all out campaign to reach your neighbors.   Prepare a flyer with the information below and hand it out everywhere – grocery stores, shopping malls, anywhere people are congregated.   The front side should be about the electricity rate increase – the back side about Agenda 21.   It would be great if you could organize public meetings to tell people about Agenda 21 and advertise those meetings on the flyer.

Ask the people to send a comment about the rate increase to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.  The comment can be emailed or a letter can be written.  The comment must include the Case Number and their name and address.

Also, include the name and address of their state legislators – representatives and senators and ask them to send a copy of their comment and/or a letter to them about the out of control costs for essential services.

IPUC Case information on the rate increase:

Case Number:  IPC-E-12-07
Date Filed:       April 4, 2012

IPUC Case information

Here is a sample of a citizen comment on another matter, but it shows the information that should be included:

Sample Comment

If you want to file your comment electronically, use this link:

IPUC Case Comment Form

If you want to write a letter, the following is the address.  All correspondence whether electronic or paper, should include the Case Number:

Idaho Public Utilities Commission
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0074

This is a golden opportunity – but it is time limited.

Vicky Davis
April 29, 2012

April 26, 2012

Agenda 21 and You? Conference in Norman, OK Saturday 4-28-12

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Sponsored by our friends at the Norman Tea Party in Norman, OK, the UN Agenda 21 and You?  conference promises to be very educational.

Guest speakers include:

  • Cathie Adams – Pres. Texas Eagle Forum. Cathie has attended several UN meetings and frequently speaks about Agenda 21.
  • Donna Wilson – A Texas researcher on the Council of Governments (COGS) – how they are involved in implementing Agenda 21 locally.
  • Robert Semands – Pres. GEL (Govern Edmond Locally). Robert will speak on Agenda 21, Smart Meters, and the vocabulary of Agenda 21.
  • Patrick Wood – Editor of the August Review and the August Forecast. Patrick will be addressing technocracy, Agenda 21 and sustainable development.

The conference will include small group time, networking opportunities and introductory materials which will be emailed to attendees in advance.

See invitation below, as sent out by special guest speaker Patrick Wood.

Dear Friend,

On Saturday, I will be addressing the Norman, OK Tea Party on the timely subject of Technocracy, Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. If you are in Oklahoma, north Texas or even Kansas, I encourage you to attend and get some great information. It will be from 10:00am-3:00pm and the details are below. Please RSVP if you want to attend so they can estimate the food requirements for lunch.

UN Agenda 21 Conference
APRIL 28, 2012, 10:00 AM – 3:00
First Assembly of God Church of Norman
2500 E. Lindsey
Norman, OK 73071
Cost $20.00 per person or $35.00 per couples
Email to teaparty@weblawman.com
Or call 405-360-1716

As always, please repost this invitation into Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. to let others know as well.

Yours for Liberty,

Patrick Wood, Editor
The August Forecast & Review

January 19, 2012

UPDATE – BILL PULLED! SCR 27 (not 67) by Ellis – Promotes “Sustainable practices” Statewide

1/26/12 UPDATE to this Post:

The phone calls and emails worked – Senator Ellis has pulled SCR 27.  This bill will not be heard this session.  What is still unknown is who provided him with the language in the first place and why.

Having said that, this language could appear someplace else so it will have to be watched.  In the meantime, emails and calls need to go out to Senator Ellis thanking him for pulling this bill.

  • Email: ellis@oksenate.gov
  • Phone: 405-521-5614

Now back to the other bills filed this session.  To find the Text of Legislation filed for 2012 go to www.oklegislature.gov, hover over Legislation, then click Text of Measures. (Be sure to check both Senate and House bills.)

One of this year’s most contentious issues will be Health Care (Title 63 bills) and Insurance (Title 36 bills).


In doing a preliminary run-through of the Senate bills filed for the 2012 session in Oklahoma, we found Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 67 27 filed by Senator Jerry Ellis.

For those unfamiliar with the subject of sustainable development, here it is in a nutshell:

Sustainable development is defined as “Development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” From the Brundtland Report in 1987).  It is a political agenda documented in a report called Agenda 21, and is the policy adopted by the U.S. in 1992  – it is designed to regulate and limit every single human activity.

This includes the removal of land from future development and use; the adoption of cookie-cutter comprehensive development plans that limit options and densify towns and cities; adoption of comprehensive water use plans that severely limit the rights of property owner’s;  adopting policies and technology that quantify and measure energy use and consumption with the intent of eventually curtailing its use (i.e. Smart Grid and Smart Meters);  “walkable communities” that limit the ability of one to easily use and drive a care; and more.

(For more information click here. Click  here for OK-SAFE’s Brief Overview of Sustainable Development. Check out Freedom Advocates website for great research on what’s wrong with Agenda 21 and sustainable development policies.)

Ellis seems like a nice enough person; not sure who provided him with the language in  SCR 67, or who persuaded him to run it, but it is pure Agenda 21-sustainable development-type language.

Folks might want to email and/or call Senator Ellis and politely ask him to pull this bill.

Ellis’ biography: http://oksenate.gov/Senators/biographies/ellis_bio.aspx

SCR 67 27 language below:


2nd Session of the 53rd Legislature (2012)


RESOLUTION 27                      By: Ellis


A Concurrent Resolution resolving to promote sustainable practices in developing the natural resources of this state; and directing distribution.

WHEREAS, We, the Oklahoma Legislature, commit ourselves to building a humane, equitable and caring society, cognizant of the need for human dignity for all; and

WHEREAS, the future belongs to our children, and accordingly we must ensure that through our actions they will inherit a world free of the indignity and indecency occasioned by poverty, environmental degradation and patterns of unsustainable development; and

WHEREAS, we are determined to ensure that Oklahoma’s rich diversity, which is our collective strength, will be used for constructive partnerships for change and for the achievement of the common goal of sustainable development; and

WHEREAS, we reaffirm our pledge to place particular focus on, and give priority attention to, the fight against conditions in Oklahoma that pose severe threats to the health and welfare of our people, which include chronic hunger, malnutrition, illicit drug problems, organized crime, corruption, natural disasters, environmental pollution, drought, terrorism, intolerance and incitement to racial, ethnic, religious and other hatreds, endemic communicable and chronic diseases; and

WHEREAS, we believe that in pursuit of their legitimate activities, the private sector has a duty to contribute to the evolution of equitable and sustainable communities and societies, recognizing there is a need for private sector corporations to enforce corporate accountability, which should take place within a transparent and stable regulatory environment; and

WHEREAS, Oklahoma is particularly blessed with natural resources, diverse in its agricultural resources, mineral wealth, timber resources, and water resources; and

WHEREAS, agriculture is a fundamental part of Oklahoma society and we believe that its promotion and sustainable development is an integral part of our children’s future; and

WHEREAS, oil, gas, mineral and timber development is likewise a part of Oklahoma’s proud heritage, and we believe that its promotion and sustainable development should be a proud and productive part of our children’s future; and

WHEREAS, the waters of Oklahoma provide significant and important services to our citizens by increasing and maintaining the value of real estate, helping to regulating our climate, providing water-related recreation, such as fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and photography, swimming and boating and provide for a healthy environment in which we all live and work; and

WHEREAS, we recognize that as Oklahoma grows to provide a brighter future for our children, conflicts will escalate as demands for resources, including water, productive agricultural land, and mineral resources increase.


THAT to overcome these conflicts and ensure a sustainable partnership of our government, people, and the businesses and industries located in our state, we resolve to promote sustainable practices in the development of our state’s natural resources.

THAT a copy of this resolution be distributed to the Governor, the Secretary of Environment, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Commerce and Tourism, the Secretary of Energy and the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

June 14, 2009

2009 Freedom 21 Conference – Oklahoma, August 13-15, 2009

Our country has changed dramatically over the last 2 decades, leaving most people wondering what happened. 

International policy agreements such as Agenda 21 and other treaties have caused the American people to lose more of the freedoms traditionally enjoyed in this country.

From personal, property and travel rights, to education and health care choices, life as we’ve known it has changed.
Freedom21 has worked for the last 10 years to educate citizens and public officials about the reality of the political agenda known as Sustainable Development and its ultimate outcome – the destruction of private property and the end of freedom for the American public. 

For the first time ever, the Freedom21 National Conference will be held in Oklahoma, the state in the national spotlight for standing up for what is right.

Special guest speakers include Chuck Baldwin, PA Representative Sam Rohrer, OK Senator Randy Brogdon, OK Representative Charles Key, Dr. Michael Coffman, Tom DeWeese, Dr. Jeff Marrongelle, Marc Marano, Larry Pratt, Michael Shaw, Allen Quist, Patrick Wood, Michael Chapman, G. Edward Griffin, and many more.

Sponsored by the American Policy Center, Freedom21 Inc., as well as OK-SAFE, Inc. and 18 other co-sponsors, this conference offers the opportunity to hear the no-spin facts about our country and what to do about it.  It also affords attendees the opportunity to network with other groups and individuals who are taking positive action to restore freedom and traditional values to this country.

For those who have been asking “What do we do now?” The answer is simple – make plans today to attend the Freedom 21 National Conference, August 13-15, 2009 in Midwest City, OK.

Take action armed with the real facts and the real truth.

Conference: August 13-15, 2009

Location: Reed Conference Center, Sheraton Midwest City Hotel, Midwest City, OK

Registration Information: http://www.freedom21.org or http://www.ok-safe.com

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

Thomas Paine 






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