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January 19, 2012

UPDATE – BILL PULLED! SCR 27 (not 67) by Ellis – Promotes “Sustainable practices” Statewide

1/26/12 UPDATE to this Post:

The phone calls and emails worked – Senator Ellis has pulled SCR 27.  This bill will not be heard this session.  What is still unknown is who provided him with the language in the first place and why.

Having said that, this language could appear someplace else so it will have to be watched.  In the meantime, emails and calls need to go out to Senator Ellis thanking him for pulling this bill.

  • Email: ellis@oksenate.gov
  • Phone: 405-521-5614

Now back to the other bills filed this session.  To find the Text of Legislation filed for 2012 go to www.oklegislature.gov, hover over Legislation, then click Text of Measures. (Be sure to check both Senate and House bills.)

One of this year’s most contentious issues will be Health Care (Title 63 bills) and Insurance (Title 36 bills).


In doing a preliminary run-through of the Senate bills filed for the 2012 session in Oklahoma, we found Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 67 27 filed by Senator Jerry Ellis.

For those unfamiliar with the subject of sustainable development, here it is in a nutshell:

Sustainable development is defined as “Development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” From the Brundtland Report in 1987).  It is a political agenda documented in a report called Agenda 21, and is the policy adopted by the U.S. in 1992  – it is designed to regulate and limit every single human activity.

This includes the removal of land from future development and use; the adoption of cookie-cutter comprehensive development plans that limit options and densify towns and cities; adoption of comprehensive water use plans that severely limit the rights of property owner’s;  adopting policies and technology that quantify and measure energy use and consumption with the intent of eventually curtailing its use (i.e. Smart Grid and Smart Meters);  “walkable communities” that limit the ability of one to easily use and drive a care; and more.

(For more information click here. Click  here for OK-SAFE’s Brief Overview of Sustainable Development. Check out Freedom Advocates website for great research on what’s wrong with Agenda 21 and sustainable development policies.)

Ellis seems like a nice enough person; not sure who provided him with the language in  SCR 67, or who persuaded him to run it, but it is pure Agenda 21-sustainable development-type language.

Folks might want to email and/or call Senator Ellis and politely ask him to pull this bill.

Ellis’ biography: http://oksenate.gov/Senators/biographies/ellis_bio.aspx

SCR 67 27 language below:


2nd Session of the 53rd Legislature (2012)


RESOLUTION 27                      By: Ellis


A Concurrent Resolution resolving to promote sustainable practices in developing the natural resources of this state; and directing distribution.

WHEREAS, We, the Oklahoma Legislature, commit ourselves to building a humane, equitable and caring society, cognizant of the need for human dignity for all; and

WHEREAS, the future belongs to our children, and accordingly we must ensure that through our actions they will inherit a world free of the indignity and indecency occasioned by poverty, environmental degradation and patterns of unsustainable development; and

WHEREAS, we are determined to ensure that Oklahoma’s rich diversity, which is our collective strength, will be used for constructive partnerships for change and for the achievement of the common goal of sustainable development; and

WHEREAS, we reaffirm our pledge to place particular focus on, and give priority attention to, the fight against conditions in Oklahoma that pose severe threats to the health and welfare of our people, which include chronic hunger, malnutrition, illicit drug problems, organized crime, corruption, natural disasters, environmental pollution, drought, terrorism, intolerance and incitement to racial, ethnic, religious and other hatreds, endemic communicable and chronic diseases; and

WHEREAS, we believe that in pursuit of their legitimate activities, the private sector has a duty to contribute to the evolution of equitable and sustainable communities and societies, recognizing there is a need for private sector corporations to enforce corporate accountability, which should take place within a transparent and stable regulatory environment; and

WHEREAS, Oklahoma is particularly blessed with natural resources, diverse in its agricultural resources, mineral wealth, timber resources, and water resources; and

WHEREAS, agriculture is a fundamental part of Oklahoma society and we believe that its promotion and sustainable development is an integral part of our children’s future; and

WHEREAS, oil, gas, mineral and timber development is likewise a part of Oklahoma’s proud heritage, and we believe that its promotion and sustainable development should be a proud and productive part of our children’s future; and

WHEREAS, the waters of Oklahoma provide significant and important services to our citizens by increasing and maintaining the value of real estate, helping to regulating our climate, providing water-related recreation, such as fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and photography, swimming and boating and provide for a healthy environment in which we all live and work; and

WHEREAS, we recognize that as Oklahoma grows to provide a brighter future for our children, conflicts will escalate as demands for resources, including water, productive agricultural land, and mineral resources increase.


THAT to overcome these conflicts and ensure a sustainable partnership of our government, people, and the businesses and industries located in our state, we resolve to promote sustainable practices in the development of our state’s natural resources.

THAT a copy of this resolution be distributed to the Governor, the Secretary of Environment, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Commerce and Tourism, the Secretary of Energy and the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

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