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December 30, 2013

OK-SAFE 2013 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy New Year from OK-SAFE!

September 8, 2013

High Density Population Warehousing – Randy Bright article

OK-SAFE, Inc. – Last week church architect Randy Bright sent us a link to an article about Michael Wolf’s Architecture of Density photography.

Featured are images of massive high rise “neighborhoods” from an article entitled Dizzying Pics of Hong Kong’s Massive High-Rise Neighborhoods. 

This is no way to live.

Hong Kong high density13

(Hong Kong high risers photo by Michael Wolf)

Is anyone else reminded of computer chips on a circuit board? Both are capable of massive storage.

Image of computer chips(Computer chip images)

Danger Lurks When World Populations are Warehoused –

by Randy Bright, from the Tulsa Beacon, Sept. 5, 2013.

A couple of weeks ago I ran across an article entitled Dizzying Pics of Hong Kong’s Massive High Rise Neighborhoods.  It is worth the time to Google the title and see it.

Photographer Michael Wolf has taken a number of photographs of these massive high rises, which from a distance appear colorful and even a bit beautiful.

But one look at the close-ups of these residential beasts reveals something reminiscent of 19th century slums; thousands of identical, tiny living units that reveal the same squalor that you will find anywhere where people are living in highly dense neighborhoods.  Some units have air conditioners, others do not, probably meaning that the building itself is not adequately air conditioned, or maybe not at all.  Some have laundry hanging out of their windows.

I sent this article with its photographs to a colleague with a comment about the inhumanity of forcing people to live in these kinds of conditions, but this is where the more extreme land planners believe that humankind should be warehoused.

Not all planners ascribe to that kind of density, of course, but they do see some degree of density as the answer to mankind’s problems, environmental or otherwise.

Randy Bright’s entire 9/5/13 article will appear online next week at tulsabeacon.com.  For pdf version click on the OK-SAFE website here.

July 4, 2013

Common Core Exemplifies What’s Wrong with the Republic

Opposition to Common Core continues to grow.  The article below is from Richard Fry, a colleague in Kansas:

Common Core Exemplifies the Problems with the Republic. And is part of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development

The Root Evil

The vast majority of conservative grass roots citizens will agree that the problems the Republic is facing comes from the fact that our “public servants” are no longer following the Constitution or the will of the majority  of citizens within the bounds of the Constitution.

Our public servants are no longer responsive to us nor represent our desires. Instead they serve the interest of special interest groups including the biggest special interest groups, the political parties themselves.

A few years ago I defined this as Representative Disconnect.

They tell us they are representing “our best interests” i.e., they know what is best for us, which bespeaks of a paternalistic government not a representative government.

Business and a Totalitarian Government

The Progressive Globalist wish to co-opt and nationalize business. The Conservative Globalist (GOP) are willing to be controlled  by business in a neo-fascism arrangement sometimes referred to as “crony capitalism”.  The bottom line is that  both desire a system of top down rule rather than bottom up governance. Either system will result in a totalitarian system in which the people are not treated as the sovereigns but another cog in production, a mere resource to be managed and manipulated.

Under this system we have no real right to privacy as our lives need to be managed for the well being of the collective. What we eat, where we live, how we live all needs to be managed to optimized the benefit to the collective. All our activities need to be monitored for compliance. Common Core (CC)  takes this monitoring to a whole new level.[i]

How Common Core Fits Into the Puzzle

Common Core (CC)  is at the very heart of this top down totalitarian system.

Bill Gates buying a new Educational System

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation paid hundreds of millions of dollars to have the common core developed and to promote it. BMGF paid two non-governmental entities (NGOs) , The National Association of Governors (NAG) and  the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO),  to retain an private organization (Achieve, Inc.)  to develop the standards. Rather than the public -private  partnership often touted by the fascist this was purely a private-private partnership. [ii]

Globalization of Education

Although these educational standards are promoted as “state common core standards” there is nothing about them which is from or related to the states except for the fact it is the states these “national” standards  are being foisted upon. In fact these represent a move toward globalization of education. [iii]

Citizen Liberty Pimped Again by State Government

Although the promoters of CC  say that states have voluntarily  signed up for the CC program the reality is they have been coerced and bribed by the federal government which  is of course in bed with this private-private enterprise.  Also in most states the CC has not been foisted upon the people  by their representative legislatures but sneaked in on the people through the state School Boards.   [iv]An example of imposing laws and policies through administrative / executive  action rather representative legislative action. Another hallmark of totalitarianism.

This is how it was done in Kansas. “It is easier to get forgiveness than permission”  is their ploy.

We are Free to Not Make a Choice

This  illusion of voluntariness  was even how it was done at the local level. I attended a seminar where a Kansas Department of Education attorney spoke how the adoption of the CC at the local district level was totally voluntary. Five minutes later she said the state would test based on the CC. When I later asked her if testing to the CC was in essence a “left-handed mandate requiring the local districts to adopt CC” she responded “Yes”.

The United Nations and Global Education

As noted there is a very strong international / global aspect to the CC. Some consider the NGA to be a conduit for the United Nations (U.N.)  into American education. [v] Bill Gates has been called the U.N.’s “sugar daddy” regarding the U.N.’s more recent efforts to affect U.S. and world education systems. [vi]This certainly is not be the first time the UN has tried to meddle in the U.S. education system. [vii]

Bill Gates has stated that  he has spent  $5 billion since 2000 to recreate the education system worldwide. [viii] Gates’ Microsoft  entered in to a written agreement with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on 11/17/2004 to help it promote its global educational effort. [ix]Microsoft is a partner with and sits on the Board of Directors of The Global Partnership for Education. [x]

The African Common Core System

The U.N.’s education program is being promoted in Africa by the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA). ADEA was set up under a differnt name in 1988 by the World Bank (part of the U.N.)[xi]

If you look at the phraseology used by ADEA for core curriculum for  Africa you will find it mirrors that used here in the states.[xii] First is the title of the document,  Common Core Skills for Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development in Africa .  Certainly there is no pretense about what the primary objective is of this educational curriculum i.e., promoting the U.N.’s  political theory of Sustainable Development.[xiii]

It states:

           ” Building on the theme and outcomes of the ADEA Biennale held in Maputo the 2012 Triennale aims to assist towards educational   transformation by focusing on the core challenge of how to    promote critical knowledge, skills and competencies for sustainable development in Africa in the framework of life long learning.”

(Emphasis added.)

          “This common core needs to be the foundation for all people, young         and old, enabling them to contribute to the promotion of sustainable   development: in terms of preservation of the environment, the    careful use of natural resources, the construction of inclusive      societies and the fostering of peace and solidarity.

          ” The effort made to shift paradigm in education, the need for which had been reiterated in the Maputo Biennale, continues to be          imperative in the area of basic education as the initial        structured           form of acquiring skills and competencies for children,     youth and adults. The acquisition of common core skills by all can   never succeed without corresponding shifts towards adopting           a holistic, integrated and inclusive approach to basic         education, the   move towards a diversified but equitable    basic education system and thus the full recognition of     alternative pathways for education and training; and Sub-Theme 1:       Common core skills for lifelong learning and sustainable           development in Africa 8/12 the emphasis of reform on learning processes and outcomes that are relevant in learners‟  lives and         in the context of sustainable development.”


The reality is that the transformation of the U.S. educational system via the U.N.’s educational theory,  Common Core, in support of its political theory Sustainable Development , is yet one more method being used by the Globalist  to undermine the fundamental principles of this Republic.

 It is treason to the principles of the Republic and destructive of the Liberty of its citizens.

Our elected officials have a duty under their oath to the Constitution and our state officers under the principle of Allegiance and Protection to education the citizenry as to what is going on and to rally them to defeat these attacks on our American way of life. However, once again they are failing in their duty.

Our  main focus must be to build awareness  of the source of our Liberty ,the scope of our servants duty and a healthy respect for what will happen to those who do not respect our Liberty or uphold their oath.

For the sake of liberty,

Richard D. Fry

November Patriots

General Counsel

Patriot Coalition

 [i] Tiffany Gabbay,  Indoctrination and Data Mining in Common Core: Here’s Why America’s Schools May Be in More Trouble Than You Think, The Blaze (03/27/2013) http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/03/27/indoctrination-and-data-mining-in-common-core-heres-why-americas-schools-may-be-in-more-trouble-than-you-think/

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(The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are eight international developmentgoals that were officially established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000, following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration.)


[xii] Concept Note on the Sub-Theme 1 Common Core Skills for Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development in Africa

[xiii]Concept Note on the Sub-Theme 1 Common Core Skills for Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development in Africa


May 29, 2013

Fusion Centers and IBM’s SmarterCity – Big Blue Monopoly

OK-SAFE, Inc. – From Part 5 in a series on Fusion Centers by independent researcher Vicky Davis of Channeling Reality.


Fusion Centers – Part 5



A major step in the march to fascism begins in 1988 with legislation sponsored by then Senator Al Gore to fund the building of a high speed, nationwide “data superhighway” that would allow corporations and researchers at the universities and national laboratories to collaborate in research, product and systems development.  While it might have sounded like a good idea at the time, it was the beginning of the socialization of business costs and the privatization of profits from those public expenditures.   It also set the stage for the corporate takeover of government.   


New York Times, December 28, 1988, Sharing the Supercomputers


“Officials at the National Science Foundation envision computerized ”collabatories” in which scientists using computer work stations could directly view and control the output of complex machines, such as particle accelerators, wind tunnels, telescopes and nuclear reactors, even though they were thousands of miles from the actual apparatus.”


”The infrastructure we will need in the 21st century goes beyond traditional public works projects,” Senator Gore said. ”I envision a national computer network linking academic researchers and industry, using the nation’s vast data banks as the raw material for increasing industrial productivity and creating new products.”


”It’s possible that if we simply let a completely self-motivated marketplace develop our data communications infrastructure for the future it will be either inferior to what is being developed in Japan or Europe or owned by companies in Japan and Europe,” said Russell Neuman, a political
scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab.


 Read rest of Vicky Davis article here.



May 16, 2013

EPA’s Regional Haze Plan Leading to Higher Utilities in OK

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OK-SAFE, Inc. -The EPA hates coal.  And it could cost Oklahoma’s PSO customers a 12-15% rate increase unless the public does something about it.

The Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will be conducting a public hearing on the EPA’s Regional Haze requirements and PSO’s coal-fired energy plants on Monday, May 20, 2013 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., in the 1st Floor Multipurpose Room of the DEQ headquarters, 707 North Robinson Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102.  

A brief review of the EPA’s Regional Haze requirements (basically, aiming to end the use of coal-fired energy production and replace it with tax-subsidized “renewables”) shows they tie into the burgeoning Smart Grid scheme. But that’s another story.

EPA Regional Haze Map

See important details below about what you can do to prevent this rate increase in Oklahoma.

Forwarded message:

The unreliable science of Regional Haze mandates being pushed by the EPA and Sierra Club is starting to take hold in our great state of Oklahoma. For some reason the EPA thinks there is too much pollution in NE Oklahoma that hurts the view of the Wichita Wildlife Mountain Refuge….does that make sense, are they trying to fool us to just to impose their liberal agenda?   Attached is a PDF to explain the point even further.

Moreover, in Oklahoma we are in a battle to keep the EPA and Sierra club out of our state and to stop their over-reaching into our pockets.  Even more, these federal mandates have promoted the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality to form state regulations concerning regional haze that could affect consumer and business electric rates even more!

The simple fact is that if we as Oklahomans stand back, our rates will go up at least 12% in Public Service Company of Oklahoma territory (PSO-Oklahoma) in 2016 and up and up and up in the years following.  That is HUNDREDS of dollars for each and every Oklahoma family during these tough times – we cannot let unelected bureaucrats raise our rates and take money out of our pockets.

However, you can fight this power-grab by contacting the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality before their May 20th hearing on this topic and telling them you don’t want a rate increase in Oklahoma.

Written comments regarding the proposed revision should be emailed to Ms. Bradley

or mailed to:
Department of Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division
P.O. Box 1677
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101-1677
ATTN: Cheryl E. Bradley

Comments may be submitted by fax to the Air Quality Division
ATTN: Cheryl E. Bradley, at (405) 702-4101.

If you would like to attend the hearing, here is the information:
Monday, May 20, 2013 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., in the 1st Floor Multipurpose Room of the DEQ headquarters, 707 North Robinson Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102.

Full details below – following information below:


Sierra Club on the issue:

May 9, 2013

Behold a Pale Horse Needs Paul Reveres

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OK-SAFE, Inc. – The producers of “one of the best patriot films of all times” have the opportunity to get Behold a Pale Horse – America Aflame into theaters.

Behold a Pale Horse Jer Boykin

The original of this film is entitled Behold a Pale Horse – America’s Last Chance and is currently available on DVD at Amazon.  The film stars country music legend Charlie Daniels as narrator, and “crystallizes the loss of American sovereignty and personal liberty while viewing events with a Biblical perspective.  This documentary is interwoven with nearly 20 expert speakers, including many of our very own patriots from Oklahoma.”

Features commentary from:
Larry Pratt – Gun Owners of America
General Jerry Boykin – Black Hawk Down / Delta Force Commander
Charles Key – Former Oklahoma State Representative
Kaye Beach – AxXiom for Liberty, OKC
Amanda Teegarden – OK-SAFE, Tulsa
Michael Shaw – Freedom Advocates
and many others

See below for the details on how to help get Behold a Pale Horse – America Aflame into theaters


Greetings All,

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, Americas Last Chance has touched the hearts of thousands of Patriots across the country as evidenced by our almost unanimous 5 star ratings on Amazon.com.

SEE:   www.beholdapalehorse.tv

A major national theatrical distribution company wants to release our film in theatres nationwide! Because part one is already out on DVD we need to recut a special new version for theaters.

The new BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, America Aflame is POWERFUL…part one on steriods. It is much stronger than the original and covers even more hard hitting material, while retaining some of the best of part one. Considering the state of the union, it truly could become the “Common Sense” of today.

Enter KICKSTARTER…or “crowd funding”, a unique way for friends and fans to chip in and help make it happen.



If you believe the new version of BEHOLD A PALE HORSE could change hearts and minds by being in a nation wide theatrical release… PLEASE…forward this email to everyone that you know. Even if you can’t make a pledge, forwarding it to your list is saddling up and heading out across the nation, i.e.  a 21st Century Paul Revere!

Time is of the essence as the campaign only runs for 29 more days and if we don’t reach our goal…we get nothing!

As Charlie Daniels said in part one…


Anita Untersee
Executive Producer
Behold A Pale Horse, America Aflame

January 20, 2013

Why Health Entitlements are “Broke” – G. Keith Smith, MD

OK-SAFE, Inc. – This blog post by Dr. Keith Smith is so good we are re-posting it here.  Dr. Smith is one the co-founders of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, located in Oklahoma City.  This physician-owned facility is an example of the free market medicine –  see more about them here.

Dr. Smith objects to government involvement in health care, having a low opinion of so-called  “health care cartels”.  Also of note is the fact that his health care facility does not use those privacy-killing electronic health care records.

OK-SAFE applauds Dr. Smith for his stance and for working to expose the deceptive practices associated with so-called “health care reform”.

Jan. 18, 2013

Why Health Entitlements are “Broke” – by G. Keith Smith, MD

At the end of 2012, like the end of many prior years, physicians faced the draconian Medicare cuts, the threat of which has served to be one of the most effective fund raisers for politicians in history.  SGR.  Sustainable Growth Rate.  Calculation of what this cut might have been involves a complex series of factors, affecting some doctors more than others.  Some specialists were anticipating cuts of as much as 23% in pay.  Alas, the “Doctor Fix,” although temporary, arrived just in the nick of time, as sufficient contributions to the D.C. extortionists rolled in.

“Either we cut the doctor pay by up to 23% or the country might go broke!”  ”Cuts are inevitable.”  ”We will have to face this one of these days.” “There is simply no other way.”

Those of you who follow this blog know my thoughts on Medicare, indeed on any government involvement in health care at all.  However…..

Keep in mind several things.  Medicare pays the “not for profit” hospitals twice what is listed on our website for the same operations.  Hmmm.  How did this happen?  Medicare pays the local teaching hospital twice what it pays the physician-owned hospital for a joint replacement.   Hmmm.  Now my favorite.  Medicare pays hospitals for the services provided by their physician employees 40% more than for the same services provided by non-hospital employee doctors.  Hmmm.

I see not only a potential for savings, but a pattern.  This is without a doubt an assault on the private practice of medicine by the government, an attempt to drive physicians to be hospital employees, at once lining the pockets of the health cartel lobby and annihilating the remnant of doctors who take the patient-doctor relationship seriously, those doctors who are pushing back on further medical intrusion by Uncle Sam.  The buy-electronic-health-record-systems-or-else policy by Medicare is yet another move that has cut the net pay to physicians in private practice and a move that has brought many doctors to “throw in the towel.”

Click here for the rest of the post by Dr. Smith.

November 2, 2012

Who’s Funding SQ 764?

OK-SAFE, Inc. – A search on Campaign Reporting on the OK Ethics Commission website reveals who the money is behind the “Yes on SQ 764” effort. (Ethics number 312002).  SQ 764 creates the Water Infrastructure Credit Enhancement Reserve Fund and would allow the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) to issue up to $300 M in bonds.

This measure would provide the funding to implement the highly controversial Water for 2060 Act, (HB 3055), one of the most dangerous bills ever passed by the Republican-led Oklahoma Legislature.

HB 3055 reads “the public policy of this state is to establish and work toward a goal of consuming no more fresh water in the year 2060 than is consumed statewide in the year 2012”.

If passed, SQ 764 would provide the funds to make this dangerous and costly bill a reality in OK, leading to the rationing of freshwater, regardless of its abundance.  (See below the Campaign Contributions chart for further details on SQ 764).

Yes on SQ 764 PAC

The “Yes on SQ 764” PAC was established in June of this year by the Oklahoma Municipal League, the OK Rural Water Association (ORWA), and the State Chamber Of Oklahoma.  Chair of this committee is Homer Nicholson, Mayor of Ponca City; Treasurer is Arnella Karges of the State Chamber of Oklahoma; and Deputy Treasurer is Billy G. Simms, Pres. of ORWA.

The big contributors to this committee were BancFirst Corp., contributing a whopping $15,000, and the Chickasaw Nation, who contributed $10,000.  Other donors included a general contractor from Manhattan, KS, a law firm from Dallas, TX, and a financial advisor firm, also in Dallas.

How very…regional.

Last minute contributors included the State Chamber with a contribution of $3,800.

Campaign Contributions for “Yes on SQ 764”:

Name & Address of Contributor Occupation & Employer or Principal Business Activity Date Accepted Amount of Contribution
BancFirst Corporation Banking 11-Sep-12 $15,000.00
Chickasaw Nation Native American Tribe 20-Sep-12 $10,000.00
RICK SMITH FINANCIAL ADVISOR (sic) 24-Aug-12 $5,000.00
Municipal Finance Services Municipal Financial Advisor 12-Oct-12 $5,000.00
The Public Finance Law Group PLLC Law Firm 9-Oct-12 $5,000.00
State Chamber Of Oklahoma Legislative Advocates For Business 10/31/12 $3,800.00
Okla Rural Water Association PAC Special Interest Association 10/29/12 $2,500.00
ORWA Assurance Group Business 10/29/12 $2,000.00
FirstSouthwest Financial Advisor – Dallas, TX 10/31/12 $2,000.00
Butler Engineering Consulting Engineering 13-Sep-12 $1,500.00
HDR Engineering, Inc. Consulting Engineering 10-Sep-12 $1,500.00
Holloway Updike & Bellen, Inc. Civil Engineering – Consulting 22-Aug-12 $1,000.00
United Trenching Incorporated Water & Sanitary Sewer Installation 22-Aug-12 $1,000.00
Krapff-Reynolds Construction Company Utility Contractor 28-Sep-12 $1,000.00
Lasso Corp Oil & Gas Investment 20-Sep-12 $1,000.00
M&E Consultants, LLC Civil Engineering 20-Sep-12 $1,000.00
AEP-PSO Electric Utility 20-Sep-12 $1,000.00
Walters-Morgan Construction, Inc. General Contractor – Municipal Infrastructure – Manhattan, KS 17-Sep-12 $1,000.00
Jess Mark Nichols Farms Farming 11-Sep-12 $1,000.00
WDB Engineering PLLC Consulting Engineering 16-Oct-12 $1,000.00
Bank Of Cushing Banking 5-Oct-12 $1,000.00
McCall, Parkhurst & Horton, L.L.P. Law Firm – Dallas, TX 5-Oct-12 $1,000.00
Wind, Water, And Agriculture (wwag) Pac Political Action Committee 10/25/12 $1,000.00
JOE E TARON, DDS RETIRED 24-Sep-12 $500.00
Myers Engineering Consulting Engineers 10-Oct-12 $250.00
J.D. STRONG DIRECTOR – OWRB 22-Oct-12 $200.00
JOE S FREEMAN CHIEF – OWRB 18-Sep-12 $100.00

Total contributions to date, including last minute contributions: $68,675.

SQ 764 Recommended Vote: No

Title: Creates the Water Infrastructure Credit Enhancement Reserve Fund; allows the OWRB to issue bonds

Ballot Language: This measure amends the Oklahoma Constitution. It adds a new Section 39A to Article 10. It would allow the Oklahoma Water Resources Board to issue bonds. Any bonds issued would be used to provide a reserve fund for the Board. The fund would be a reserve fund for certain water resource and sewage treatment funding programs. The fund could only be used to pay other bonds and obligations for the funding programs. The bonds could only be issued after other monies and sources are used for repayment. The bonds would be general obligation bonds. Not more than Three Hundred Million Dollars worth of bonds could be issued. The Legislature would provide the monies to pay for the bonds. The Legislature would provide for methods for issuing the bonds. The Legislature would provide for how the fund is administered.

Comments: This measure would provide the funding to implement the highly controversial Water for 2060 Act, (HB 3055), one of the most dangerous bills ever passed by the Republican-led Oklahoma Legislature.

HB 3055 reads the public policy of this state is to establish and work toward a goal of consuming no more fresh water in the year 2060 than is consumed statewide in the year 2012”.

If passed, SQ 764 would provide the funds to make this dangerous and costly bill a reality in OK, potentially leading to the rationing of freshwater in this state, regardless of abundance.

September 7, 2012

U.S. and Mexico Sign Border 2020 Plan

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OK-SAFE, Inc. – NASCO’s (North America’s SuperCorridor Coaltion) latest  newsletter included this article about a bi-national agreement dealing with the 2,000 mile U.S.-Mexico border.

Called Border 2020, this agreement was signed on August 8, 2012 and builds on the EPA’s Border 2012 Plan.

The Border 2020 Mission Statement reads:

As a result of the partnership among U.S. Border Tribes and federal, state and local governments in the United States and Mexico, the mission of the Border 2020 program is to: Protect the environment and public health in the U.S.-Mexico border region, consistent with the principles of sustainable development.”

Border 2020 is funded in part by the BECC (Border Environment Cooperation Commission) and the NADBank, (North American Development Bank) and is another example of the move toward regional governance.  Border 2020 institutionalizes a structure that crosses traditional boundaries – both national and jurisdictional.

The talking points this time emphasize public health and public health risks – translate this into meaning there will the collection and sharing of health data and information across borders.

Quote: “Measure program progress through the development of environmental and public health-based indicators.”

Border 2020 opens the door for more U.S. funded infrastructure in Mexico, environmentally and otherwise,  much like was included the SAFETEA-LU transportation bill a few years back. [Back then, when a constituent asked OK Sen. James Inhofe why we were funding transportation projects up to 100 miles into Mexico, Inhofe refused to answer the question.  Other government officials later answered this question by saying it  is “in our own best interests” to fund infrastructure projects in Mexico.]

Expect that there will be plenty of U.S. funding “in our own best interest” south of the border to fulfill the objectives of the Border 2020 plan.

La Paz Agreement – 1983

“The new accord is the latest working document stemming from the 1983 U.S.-Mexico La Paz Agreement. It builds on the Border 2012 program and encourages meaningful participation from communities and local stakeholders through regional task forces.”

For more on the 1983 La Laz agreement signed by Pres. Ronald Reagan, see the article entitled “La Paz Agreement – Pathway to Disintegration”  by Vicky Davis.

From the EPA’s website:


The U.S. and Mexico signed the Border 2020 U.S.-Mexico Environmental program agreement on Aug. 8 to address high priority environmental and public health problems in the 2,000 mile border region.

The new pact follows the Border 2012 environmental agreement which ends this year, the EPA said in a statement.

The Border 2020 program works to organize stakeholders and communities on both sides to reduce pollution in water, air, and on land, reduce exposure to chemicals from accidental releases or from terrorism, and improve environmental stewardship.

The signing by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa P. Jackson and Mexico’s Secretary for the Environment and Natural Resources Juan Elvira Quesada was witnessed by a number of leaders including the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico E. Anthony Wayne; Vice Chairman of the Tohono O’odham Nation Wavalene Romero; California Secretary for Environmental Protection Matthew Rodriquez, Baja California Governor José Guadalupe Osuna Millán and Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante Anchondo.

“Addressing the environmental issues along the border has long been a priority we share with our colleagues in Mexico, because we know that environmental degradation, pollution, and the diseases they trigger don’t stop at the national boundaries,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson.

“Thanks to help from our partners in government, industry, academia and local communities, the Border 2020 agreement will build upon the significant progress already made, and families on both sides of the border will continue to benefit from cleaner, healthier communities for decades to come.”

The new accord is the latest working document stemming from the 1983 U.S.-Mexico La Paz Agreement. It builds on the Border 2012 program and encourages meaningful participation from communities and local stakeholders through regional task forces.

ANALYSIS: Over the next eight years, the Border 2020 Environmental program will work towards significant improvements that will focus on five key areas:

– Reducing air pollution in bi-national air sheds by promoting vehicle inspection programs and road paving, and encouraging anti-idling technologies such as diesel truck electrification at border ports-of-entry.

– Improving access to clean and safe water as well as improving water quality in the bi-national watersheds.

– Promoting materials and waste management, and addressing contaminated sites as well as management practices for addressing electronics, lead acid batteries, tires, and trash.

– Enhancing joint preparedness for environmental and emergency response.

– Enhancing compliance assurance and environmental stewardship.

The new Border 2020 program also strengthens its focus in regional areas where environmental improvements are needed most: establishing realistic and concrete goals; supporting the implementation of projects; considering new fundamental strategies; and encouraging the achievement of more ambitious environmental and public health goals.

Border 2012, which concludes the current year, resulted in numerous achievements, including connecting households to drinking water and wastewater services benefitting more than 8.5 million border residents.

In addition, the program helped remove more than 12 million scrap tires from dump sites border-wide and more than 75.5 metric tons of obsolete pesticides from rural areas in the U.S. state of California and the Mexican states of Sonora, and Tamaulipas.

As the home to over 14 million people and one of the busiest cross-border trade regions in the world, protecting human health and the environment in the border region is essential to ensuring that the U.S. continues to be safe, healthy and economically productive, the EPA said.

The Border 2020 U.S.-Mexico Environmental program will protect the environment and public health for 10 states on both sides of the 2,000-mile border, including 26 U.S. tribes and seven groups of Mexican indigenous people.

The mission of the accord is to “Protect the environment and public health in the U.S.-Mexico border region, consistent with the principles of sustainable development.”

In this program, sustainable development is defined as “conservation-oriented social and economic development that emphasizes the protection and sustainable use of resources while addressing both current and future needs and present and future impacts of human actions,” the EPA said in a fact sheet issued with the EPA signing statement.”

End.  Entire article here.

July 24, 2012

The Northwest Technate – 1946

OK-SAFE, Inc. – One can sometimes find interesting things at estate sales. One such find was the recent discovery of a slim magazine entitled The Northwest Technocrat, NO. 119, Vol. X, which originally sold for 15 cents.

Here was history.  This was actual evidence of the Technocracy movement that swept across the U.S. in the early part of the 20th century, before mysteriously dying off in the late 1940’s or so.  (Maybe it just went into the universities, to percolate there, instead.)

Published in 1946 by Technocracy Inc., and showing an address of 9108 Woodward Ave., Detroit 2, MICH., the cover of this edition features a black and white photo of a fire truck – apparently evidence of the advancements in the design of fire truck technology.

Featuring such articles as Why Not Eat Cake?, Here’s to Health!, Fire!, Science for Sale, and Developing Trends, the magazine included a A Letter to Manchester Boddy. 

This short letter-to-the-editor piece questioned why articles about Technocracy had ceased to appear in Boddy’s Los Angeles paper, The Daily News, after that paper had been such a strong advocate earlier?

Excerpt from a Letter to Manchester Boddy (p. 21):

“Now, Mr. Boddy, since you once publicly proclaimed that Technocracy has the answers and that it was ‘little less than treason’ for the ‘men on the inside’ to withhold information on Technocracy, and since you, yourself, for several months used material on Technocracy as front page stuff, why then is Technocracy no longer mentioned in your paper?  Can you tell me why a scientific balance between production and distribution, as long proposed by Technocracy Inc., is any less correct and necessary today than you openly admitted it was in 1932 and 1933?

In view of the fact that your paper claims to be the outstanding liberal newspaper in Los Angeles, I expect your prompt reply, editorially and otherwise.

Yours very sincerely,

Wm. J. Winchester, 11833-2* (see endnote for explanation of this number)

Los Angeles, Jan. 21, 1946″

Page 23 featured the graphic “Schematic Administration Chart of the American Technate”, the chart detailing the structure for the Administrative control over the “functional sequences” associated with with all the physical equipment of the Continent, (industrial production, consumption and distribution) and the service functions (public health, education and recreation).  This administrative structure was to be overseen by a Continental Control, who reported to a Continental Director.

Schematic Administration Chart of the America Technate

This chart defines the structure for a proposed “new social organization for North America.”  Most people would clearly see this as a set up for tyranny, but not the Technocrats.

These rational “science-based” technocrats believed that if experts – i.e. non-political experts such as themselves – oversaw all the functions of  production and distribution, if they managed to efficiently regulate and control energy usage across the entire North American Continent, if they oversaw the entire social order, matching worker to task and providing the basic necessities of life (and threw in some recreation and entertainment) – there would balance in the world and everyone would be happy, satisfied and content.

Technocrats believed that these rational “science-based” experts would not  abuse their authority or tyrannize the people.

In the real world this is referred to as “fantasy.”

Reading any of the material put forth by Technocracy Inc. one senses foreshawdowing of that political agenda known as sustainable development, aka Agenda 21.

See our prior post entitled What is Technocracy? and click on the Technocracy Study Course text to see evidence of this idea.

It is entirely possible that the social organization as envisioned by these early technocrats laid the groundwork for future sustainable development policies.

At the very least, technocratic ideas helped pave the way for an agenda based on ‘scarcity’, an agenda that is orchestrating a systematic reduction in standards of living here and elsewhere.  Technocracy Inc. made it clear that as the advancements in technology occurred, and the means of production became more streamlined, fewer and fewer people would be needed to do the work.  (People being replaced by machines or by computers).  This means an increase in unemployment virtually everywhere.

A reduced need for workers translates into an overall reduction in the need for people in general.

So how to deal with the excess population? How about promoting the idea that the world is over-populated, and that man has caused global warming?  Eliminate God and God’s plan for people from public discussion, and develop schemes and policies that favor single lifestyles, childless marriage and smaller families.  Make abortion legal and readily available. Plan densely packed communities, and squeeze people into smaller and smaller dwellings, making it harder for them to have a family. Make it more difficult and expensive to own property or have a car.   Promote a culture of death by creating a health care system that can unplug the elderly or infirm because they are no longer productive, cost too much or are using too many resources, etc.

Spreading the Technocratic idea – Units and Members

If the papers had quit publishing information about Technocracy,  how were the ideas and concepts of Technocracy being spread around the country? Apparently by means of magazines such as The Northwest Technocrat and the establishment of chartered Sections of “units and members” all across the country.

This is reminiscent of how so many Rotary Clubs, America Legions and Masonic Lodges were established in small towns across the U.S. in the early 20th century.

Page 21, (22 of the pdf) reads in part, “The basic unit of Technocracy is the chartered Section consisting of a minimum of 25 members and running up to several hundred….There are units and members of Technocracy in almost every state in the U.S. and in all provinces in Canada, and in addition there are members in Alaska, Hawaii, Panama, Puerto Rico and in numerous other places with the Armed Forces.  Members of Technocracy are glad to travel many miles to discuss Technocracy’s Program with any interested people and Continental Headquarters will be please to inform anyone of the location of the nearest Technocracy unit.”

Membership was open to almost anyone in North America – except “Aliens, Asiatics and politicians are not eligible.”  Oh, those rascally politicians.

There is evidence to suggest that there is a rising technocracy of sorts, here in the U.S. and elsewhere.

If so, this means the end of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, meaning property; the end of country, home and hearth. A Technate recognizes no borders or boundaries, and seeks to have global control of all the earth’s natural resources and  people.  It aims to dictate how we people live and where, and how many of us there should be; a technate does not acknowledge God’s plans for His people.

This is tyranny.

For more information on this subject visitthe August Forecast & Review website or see posting on the OK-SAFE website.


*ENDNOTE: Most of the articles featured in The Northwest Technocrat were signed by individuals, who followed their names with a six-digit number (five number, hyphen, single number).

In the Technocracy Study course, the Continent was to broken up into Regional Divisions, determined not by country or state boundaries, but by latitude and longitude.  An individual’s Regional Division number was determined by adding up the bisecting points of the southeast corner – i.e. 11833-2.  Think of it as early GEO tagging.

Excerpt from the Technocracy Study Course, (p. 245 of the pdf)

“It is the latter system of subdividing the Continent on the basis of latitude and longitude that we shall adopt. By this system we shall define a Regional Division to be a quadrangle bounded by two successive degrees of longitude and two successive degrees of latitude. The number assigned to each Regional Division will be that of the combined longitude and latitude of the point at the southeast corner of the quadrangle. Thus the Regional Division in which New York City is located is 7340; Cleveland, 8141; St. Louis, 9038; Chicago, 8741; Los Angeles, 11834; Mexico City, 9919; Edmonton, 11353, etc. In this manner all the present political boundaries are dispensed with. The whole area is blocked off into a completely rational and simple system of Regional Divisions the number for each of which not only designates it but also locates it. It is these Regional Divisions that form the connecting link between the present provisional organization of Technocracy and the proposed operating one depicted in the foregoing chart. In the process of starting an organization the membership of a particular unit is much more likely to be united by geographic proximity than as members of any particular functional sequence.” 

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