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July 12, 2009

Chipping IDs in America – Bad Idea

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Mark Lerner of the Constitutional Alliance contributed to this AP story dated July 11, 2009, which is the continuation of a series about embedded RFID chips in driver’s licenses and passports and how they can be tracked remotely with very little effort.
‘Chips in official IDs raise privacy fears’ by the AP.  Link:
The reality is that technology already exists that can track people in real time, i.e. via cell phone signals, in-car GPS systems, etc.
The federal government push is to require embedded RFID chips in everyone’s driver’s license (EDL, or enhanced driver’s licenses).  Newer US Passports, and other traveler’s ID, have embedded RFID chips and are now required to enter/re-enter the US when traveling by air, land, or sea. (Land and sea as of June 1, 2009.)
Global tracking systems were developed by and for the military (logistics, or supply chain management); these systems later morphed into commercial applications for global supply chain management, for tracking parts, supplies, and goods. 
The ability to track people was the next logical progression.
There is a moral difference in tracking products versus people – this point is made, somewhat weakly in my opinion, but still made, in the AP article.  Folks need to recognize the fact that we are not some lifeless, inanimate objects to be tracked like a ‘resource’ in the global supply chain. 
We, unlike manufactured products, are to be honored and recognized as made in God’s image – we are a free people, not product.
Resist the chip – call your legislators today.  US Senate Switchboard: 1-202-224-3121.

July 9, 2009

Lieberman not allowing testimony on PASS ID Act

Homeland Security Committee chair Senator Joe Lieberman has apparently determined that dissenting comments are not to be allowed during the committee meeting on S. 1261, the PASS ID Act bill which repeals one part of the controversial REAL ID Act of 2005.

As of this writing only two opinions will be heard in committee – Stuart Baker (DHS), who is against the PASS ID Act because he’s for the REAL ID Act, and someone from the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) who is for the PASS ID Act and who has only slight concerns about privacy rights.

What happened to healthy debate, openness in government, and listening to the concerns of the American public and citizenexperts with first hand experience in biometric technology and where it’s headed? (Mark Lerner, among others).  Apparently the committee process is contrived and only has the appearance of represention in action.

Calls are needed to Senator Joe Lieberman asap.  Ask him to please allow more than the two pro-big brother intrusiveness folks to speak – the people need a voice in this committee meeting and they need it now.

Contact information for Sen. Joe Lieberman: (202) 224-4041 

The other committee members are listed at www.stoprealidcoalition.com. Call all of the 15 other Senators on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

More details and information on the content of the bill, and the specific language that skirts around actually calling the facial image capture ‘biometric’, but really is,  see www.stoprealidcoalition.com.

Calls needed today.

July 2, 2009

Call to Action on PASS Act, S. 1261 – Driver’s Licenses again!

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Stop the Real ID Coalition has issued a Call to Action on the Real ID replacement bill known as the PASS Act, S. 1261, by Senator Akaka of Hawaii.

The PASS Act is actually a continuation of the controversial Real ID (federal/international standards applied to all states’ driver’s licenses) and is further reaching in its’ biometrics requirements for driver’s licenses.

For more information and the names and numbers of who to call in the Senate go to: http://www.stoprealidcoalition.com/

Start calling this week and make sure to get to all 16 Senators.

July 1, 2009

Lockheed Martin invests in Solar Power?

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This one is interesting.

As I read this article about how predicted solar flares in 2012 could potentially disrupt the electric grid, and thus all our lives, I noticed the Lockheed Martin reference.

Coincidentally, or not, Lockheed is investing in solar power.

1) Tech Article:

Excerpt: “Namely, a decade of major solar storms forecasted to peak in late 2012, which more and more non-kooky scientists—including NASA, NOAA and The National Academies of Science (part of the U.S. Congress)—say could wipe out the world’s electrical grids as well as all satellite, Internet, network and wireless communications for years.”
“Is Anyone Not Wearing a Tin Foil Hat Worried?
What makes this matter now worthy of your time is this: Many of the newly concerned are not wearing crystals, feathers, patchouli or tin foil hats, but government ID badges, military uniforms, lab coats and suits. Dawning attention to the economic and political effects of solar storms comes from, among others, NASA, the U.S. Department of Defense, National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council (NRC). Also involved: major utilities and aerospace firms such as Lockheed Martin.”

You have to ignore the snarky attitude about information only being ‘legitimate’ if it comes from the government or someone with credentials. The author encourages the reader to study the National Research Center report for supporting information.

2) Lockheed Martin article on investing in solar power:
An Unexpected Player in the Solar Market
By Jennifer Schonberger
June 29, 2009

“If you were looking for a reason to invest in Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), here’s an unconventional one: solar power.

That’s right: The global security company has entered the solar power space — and it has big plans.

A widening market
As the government ramps up incentives and funding for solar power and other renewable energy sources, solar has shown the potential to be the next “megatrend.”

This year, the federal government will dedicate $170 million to solar power projects alone. Congress has renewed the solar power investment tax credit for eight years. Most importantly, the need to build solar-powered utilities comes as states have enacted aggressive renewable portfolio standards that require utilities in those states to progressively generate a certain percentage of power through renewable means.
Lockheed is prepared to take a bite out of this space.”

3) Given the scope of the massive energy bill (H.R. 2454) working its’ way through Congress right now (passed the House 219-212 6/26/09), and the mandates therein for alternative energy sources, electric vehicle infrastructure, etc., I smell a rat.

I have no idea if something is actually going to ‘happen’ in 2012 – that’s up to God. The scheming down here though, is strictly man-inspired – greed.

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