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July 12, 2009

Chipping IDs in America – Bad Idea

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Mark Lerner of the Constitutional Alliance contributed to this AP story dated July 11, 2009, which is the continuation of a series about embedded RFID chips in driver’s licenses and passports and how they can be tracked remotely with very little effort.
‘Chips in official IDs raise privacy fears’ by the AP.  Link:
The reality is that technology already exists that can track people in real time, i.e. via cell phone signals, in-car GPS systems, etc.
The federal government push is to require embedded RFID chips in everyone’s driver’s license (EDL, or enhanced driver’s licenses).  Newer US Passports, and other traveler’s ID, have embedded RFID chips and are now required to enter/re-enter the US when traveling by air, land, or sea. (Land and sea as of June 1, 2009.)
Global tracking systems were developed by and for the military (logistics, or supply chain management); these systems later morphed into commercial applications for global supply chain management, for tracking parts, supplies, and goods. 
The ability to track people was the next logical progression.
There is a moral difference in tracking products versus people – this point is made, somewhat weakly in my opinion, but still made, in the AP article.  Folks need to recognize the fact that we are not some lifeless, inanimate objects to be tracked like a ‘resource’ in the global supply chain. 
We, unlike manufactured products, are to be honored and recognized as made in God’s image – we are a free people, not product.
Resist the chip – call your legislators today.  US Senate Switchboard: 1-202-224-3121.

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