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October 23, 2010

OK-SAFE State Question Summary for Nov. 2, 2010 Ballot

There is tremendous interest about the upcoming November 2, 2010 election in Oklahoma.  In addition to all the state-wide races, there are 11 state questions to be decided.  Some of these questions, like SQ 744 on Education Funding, have gotten a lot of attention and have been discussed in depth by other groups.  (We like to refer people to the ROPE website for the best summary of what is wrong with SQ 744). Like ROPE and many other groups we recommend a  NO vote on SQ 744.

Other questions, just as important, have gotten a lot less attention.

Below is a summary of OK-SAFE’s positions on 10 of the 11 state questions on the upcoming November 2, 2010 Ballot.  We have no recommendation on SQ 752, the Judicial Nominating Commission, deciding this needed more research to understand the full impact of this proposed change.

This summary is available as either a one-page printable pdf or a 5-page expanded version which includes the actual ballot wording, links to the originating legislation, and links to supporting documentation for our some of our positions.

To view these printable summaries go to the OK-SAFE website at www.ok-safe.com, and click on the Non-Partisan Oklahoma Voter Guide link.

The state questions:

State Question 744 – Education Funding – OK-SAFE Recommends a NO vote on SQ 744

Note:  “SQ 744 is a proposal by the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) that would force the state to spend nearly a billion dollars more on education by cutting all other state agencies or raise your taxes by the same amount.” [Source: www.stop744.com]  Further, it violates local control of education principles.

State Question 746 – Voter ID – OK-SAFE Recommends a NO Vote on SQ 746

Due to concerns that this measure is part of the incremental steps being taken towards the creation of a national/international ID card. NOTE: Mexico has created a National Biometric Identification card (fingerprints, photo, and iris scan) which is set to replace their current voter ID card.

State Question 747 – Term Limits for Statewide Elected Officials – OK-SAFE Recommends a YES Vote on SQ 747

State Question 748 – Apportionment – OK-SAFE  Recommends a NO on SQ 748

Due to the continued concentration of powers being given to the Speaker of the House and the Senate Pro-Tempore, (paving the way for conflict of interest), this ballot measure raises some concerns, namely the issue of powers of appointment which removes accountability to the public versus commission members who are elected in general elections and who can ultimately be held accountable at election time.

State Question 750 – Ballot Access – OK-SAFE  Recommends a YES Vote on SQ 750

Note:  The rationale behind the changing of the election used is because of the massive shifts in voter turnout. The Presidential General Election usually has a higher turnout. Thus, the measure would generally have a lowering effect on the number of required signatures.

State Question 751 – English Language for Official Actions- OK-SAFE  Recommends a YES Vote on SQ 751. 

State Question 752 – Judicial Nominating Commission – OK-SAFE takes no position on SQ 752

[Observation: Given the current trend of the OK legislature, and the support of the State Chamber for this ballot question, the most likely appointees would be from the private sector with connections to special interest groups.]

State Question 754 – State Appropriations – OK-SAFE  Recommends a NO Vote on SQ 754

Although in agreement with the initial intent of this legislation, there are serious concerns with limiting the power of future legislatures to amend the state’s Constitution; additionally, there are concerns about possible unintended consequences of undoing beneficial existing and/or future Constitutional formulas. (Heads up: the State Chamber of Commerce supports this bill)

State Question 755 – State Courts and Law- OK-SAFE  Suggests a tentative YES on SQ 755

There are still concerns with consulting other states’ laws, i.e. states that recognize homosexual marriage, being considered in OK courts. One lawyer we consulted did not think this would be an issue, but his was an “opinion” only and not a point of fact.

State Question 756 – Health Insurance- OK-SAFE  recommends a YES Vote on SQ 756

Even though this is the weaker of the two bills introduced in 2010 opposing the federal healthcare bill, it is the only option on the November 2, 2010 Ballot addressing this issue.

 State Question 757 – Rainy Day Fund – OK-SAFE Recommends a NO Vote on SQ 757

Since the reserve money (our money) ends up in a Reserve Fund that the Legislature has demonstrated it will tap into for virtually any reason under the sun, we cannot support increasing this surplus revenue amount by 50%. 

 For further information and the actual ballot wording please see the OK-SAFE website.

October 5, 2010

Reminder – OKC Action Forum Thursday, October 7, 2010

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The next OK-SAFE Action Forum will be this Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010.

Location: The Village Library, 10307 N. Penn Ave., The Village Library, The Village, OK (north OKC)

Time: 6:30pm – 8:15 pm.

Subjects covered will include a brief power point on the Earmark process, how the appropriation process works, who are the requestors and recipients of the money in Oklahoma.  Discussion will also cover the subject of HUB Zones, (federal designations), enterprise zones & opportunity zones (state designations), and which technology companies are linked to them.

Be prepared for a lively group discussion on the 11 state questions on the upcoming November 2, 2010 Oklahoma ballot.  OK-SAFE’s State Question Summary is available on our website at www.ok-safe.com, just click on Non-Partisan Oklahoma Voter Guide or download pdf here.

After the Octoer 7th meeting the  OK-SAFE Action Forums will be changing to a different meeting schedule, with the dates of the meetings to be determined as needed and convenient for attendance.  This move will allow for more time for research, open up the calendar for a different meeting schedule and allow for more content.

It will also help alleviate the ‘so many meetings to attend’ anxiety many  Oklahoma activists have expressed having and which has shown to be counterproductive.

Stayed tuned for notices of future meeting times, dates, and locations.

See you at 6:30 pm, Thursday, Oct. 7 at The Village Library in Oklahoma City, OK.

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