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March 15, 2011

OK-SAFE Meetings Re: Implementing ObamaCare in Oklahoma

Most Oklahomans (and most Americans) objected to the idea of socialized medicine as specified in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, (PPACA), aka ObamaCare.  It’s companion law was the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.  Collectively these two laws are referred to as the Affordable Care Act.

It appears that the Henry/Fallin administrations, as well as the Oklahoma legislature, have been, and currently are, engaged in implementing the provisions of ObamaCare, as evidenced by the federal grant applications and legislation, while appearing to oppose ObamaCare via SQ 756 and the national lawsuit.

There will be an open discussion/review of both the grants and the legislation paving the way for the implementation of ‘ObamaCare’ in Oklahoma at two meetings this week.
See details below.

OKC – Wednesday, March 16, 2011 – The Village Library, 10307 N. Penn Ave, The Village (OKC), Oklahoma.  Time 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

Tulsa/Broken Arrow – Saturday, March 19, 2011 – Heartland HQ Building, 1008-B N. Hickory, Broken Arrow, OK.  Time: 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

Currently, HB 2130 by Steele, is a key piece of enabling legislation dealing with the HUB board and the development of the Health Insurance Exchanges.  HB 2130 removes the Insurance Commissioner from oversight of the exchange and puts in his place Dr. Terry Cline, OK Sec. of Health and Human Services, appointed by Gov. Fallin.

This bill is being presented by freshman legislator Rep. Glen Mulready, (HD-68) who apparently agreed to carry this bill for leadership.  Leadership has not done him any favors here – HB 2130 is not a bill one would wish to be associated with in the future.

We are recommending a NO vote on HB 2130.  We also suggest to Rep. Mulready that if he is anxious for approval that he might want to get dog – politicians make lousy friends.

Psalm 118: 8,9 –It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man; It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in princes.”

February 5, 2011

Hey, Oklahoma! Precinct Meetings Moved to New Dates

Due to the recent snow storms, many counties in Oklahoma have moved their GOP biennial precinct meetings dates, times, and locations.  (Originally set for Tuesday, 2/1/2011,  many of these meetings have been moved to Tuesday, 2/8/2011.)

NOTE: Not all of the precinct meetings have been moved to Tuesday, 2/8/11, however!

Some precincts are meeting earlier or later, again due to weather concerns or the county’s needs.  (i.e. Precinct 171 in Tulsa county will be having its meeting on Monday, February 7, 2011 at Siegi’s restaurant, 8104 S. Sheridan Rd, from 7-8 pm.  Others in Tulsa County are meeting by House district at a central location on the 8th, or in their homes on the 8th.)

The only way to find out for certain is to call your precinct chairman or vice-chairman for details.  If you do not know who these people are, or you do not have a chairman for your precinct, contact your local county party office for details of the precinct meeting date, time, and location.  Volunteer to be precinct chairman until you can be properly elected.

By the way, when you attend this meeting, suggest moving the precinct meetings to April! It’s warmer.

Listed below are a few county sites to check for precinct meeting information.  A complete list of county information and contact detail is available on the state GOP website.

State GOP –http://okgop.com/

Tulsa County GOP – www.tulsagop.org – Keep checking back for updates on Precinct meeting locations and dates.

Oklahoma County GOP – www.myokgop.com/oklahoma

Cleveland County GOP – http://clevelandcountygop.com/ – Note: Cleveland County’s information on precinct meetings, precinct chairman, etc.  is virtually non-existent. It appears that in Cleveland County Republicans have to register online to see a meeting location.  Not sure what is wrong in this county;  perhaps they need new leadership or someone who knows how to utilize a website and communicate a bit better.

Payne County GOP – http://paynecountygop.org/ – No information about precinct meetings, but Groundhog day is noted  on the calendar.  Wake up, Payne County!

Rogers County GOP – http://rogerscountygop.com/ – Lots of good information here.  Precinct Meetings appear to be moved to Feb. 17, 2011.  See their website for details.

Wagoner County GOP – http://www.wagonergop.org/ – Good information here.  Click link at bottom to see chart of meeting locations.

Washington County GOP – No website.  Check here for info. Precinct meetings rescheduled for Monday, February 7, 2011,  at Arvest Bank, 4225 SE Adams RD in the Community Room at 7 p.m.  “All registered Republicans are encouraged to attend.” 

Again, please check with your county GOP offices to verify the exact meeting dates, times, and locations.  The precinct chairman and committee are the ultimate authority within the precinct so check with them first, then check with the county.

Also, for those who would like some reading materials while stuck at home, try reading the State GOP Rules.  Might want to change  Rule 16 to clearly state that the GOP precinct meetings need to be in April when the weather is better. (Only have to worry about tornadoes then.)  Also, suggest offering these resolutions at the precinct meeting.

October 5, 2010

Reminder – OKC Action Forum Thursday, October 7, 2010

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The next OK-SAFE Action Forum will be this Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010.

Location: The Village Library, 10307 N. Penn Ave., The Village Library, The Village, OK (north OKC)

Time: 6:30pm – 8:15 pm.

Subjects covered will include a brief power point on the Earmark process, how the appropriation process works, who are the requestors and recipients of the money in Oklahoma.  Discussion will also cover the subject of HUB Zones, (federal designations), enterprise zones & opportunity zones (state designations), and which technology companies are linked to them.

Be prepared for a lively group discussion on the 11 state questions on the upcoming November 2, 2010 Oklahoma ballot.  OK-SAFE’s State Question Summary is available on our website at www.ok-safe.com, just click on Non-Partisan Oklahoma Voter Guide or download pdf here.

After the Octoer 7th meeting the  OK-SAFE Action Forums will be changing to a different meeting schedule, with the dates of the meetings to be determined as needed and convenient for attendance.  This move will allow for more time for research, open up the calendar for a different meeting schedule and allow for more content.

It will also help alleviate the ‘so many meetings to attend’ anxiety many  Oklahoma activists have expressed having and which has shown to be counterproductive.

Stayed tuned for notices of future meeting times, dates, and locations.

See you at 6:30 pm, Thursday, Oct. 7 at The Village Library in Oklahoma City, OK.

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