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April 30, 2012

Time for a Power Rebellion? Utilities Plan Rate Hikes – ah, those Smart Meters!

OK-SAFE, Inc. –  According to the political agenda known as sustainable development (aka Agenda 21), each person must reduce their energy consumption, or else it’s the end of the world, or something like that.  In other words, due to ‘climate change and human activity’ everyone, especially Americans, has to reduce their standard of living to subsistence level or else…

“Energy efficiency” is the talking point that seems to be everywhere – on the campaign trail, in state legislatures, at city council meetings, and new building codes. Being energy efficient is included in almost all sales pitches – from appliances to homes – and is part of the ‘going green’ agenda.

Folks are encouraged to buy Energy Star this or that, build energy efficient homes, install programmable electronic thermostats, unplug unused items and turn off lights.  Many businesses have been, or are being, remodeled or redesigned, including changing lighting fixtures, HVAC units and thermostats, windows, and even their hours of operation, all in the name of energy efficiency.

Power companies are installing (forceably so in many cases) the so-called Smart Meters on homes and businesses. These surveillance meters are supposedly more efficient than the existing analog meters, and are to reduce the cost of delivering energy to the consumers. The utility companies plan to eventually adopt time-of-day metering, to encourage consumers to change their power usage to off-peak-demand times.

Implied in these efforts is the notion that homeowners and businesses will reap financial benefits from these energy efficiency strategies, and will see reductions in their energy bills.  Everyone will save money, right?  (And the planet, of course.)

Not so fast.  Reducing folks’ energy bills is not really part of the plan; controlling consumption and raising rates is.

Utility rate increases, the natural next step in the Smart Meter/Smart Grid agenda.

It’s a no-win situation for the consumer – no matter what a person or business does to reduce their  energy usage, their energy bill is not going to go down.

Short of being off the grid entirely, or returning to a type of aboriginal living, there is no way to avoid what’s coming.  (Aboriginal living is not so far fetched – some in the “low-carbon initiative” movement are actually advocating this.) It doesn’t matter how much folks reduce their energy consumption, the rate they pay for energy (power) will only go in one direction – UP.

Sounds like it’s time for an Energy Rebellion

Rate increases are already being proposed in smart metered Idaho – and they’re coming soon to a state near you.  What will you do? Live with or do something to try stop it?

See the excellent action plan below, from researcher Vicky Davis.  In the meantime, follow this link to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission webpage dealing with Smart Meters.  Start reading here.

Opportunity Knocks… Let’s Answer It 

Note:  This was written for the people of Idaho, but everybody pays an electric bill so the suggestions offered here apply to people in all states.  Find your electric utility regulator’s website, get familiar with it, find out how to comment.  Watch for the next press release on a rate increase request and then spring into action. 

Yesterday, Idaho Power issued a press release that was published in the Idaho Statesman proposing an 8.5 percent increase in our monthly power bills “citing increased operating costs”.

Idaho Power pushes for rate increase
April 28, 2012

As part of its annual proposed rate adjustment, the state’s largest utility is proposing an overall 7.1 percent rate hike for residential customers. That means the average monthly bill would increase $6, from $83 to $89 per month.

The time when people are most receptive to new information, is when something happens to them directly and personally.  A significant increase in electric utility rates hits everybody – directly and personally.  In these hard economic times, an increase in the electric bill like this one provides us with an opportunity to present that new information.  It doesn’t matter that this opportunity begins with electric utility rates.  It’s the opportunity to talk to people about a subject that is guaranteed to interest them and to introduce them to the subject of Agenda 21 at the same time.  Energy restriction and control is at the heart of Agenda 21 – and the increase in electric rates demonstrates how.  The incentives are misaligned.  Your “reward” for conservation and efficiency is that you will pay more for less – and you have no choice because electric service is essential for all in an advanced country.   To be blunt about it, they’ve set up a racket.

Here is an article about electric rate decoupling – and don’t be fooled by the time limitations set for the decoupling.  They just extend the date when it expires.

Utility Decoupling:  Giving Utilities Incentives to Promote Energy Efficiency

The following image is of a paragraph in the 2006 National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, Page (Adobe):

Idaho Public Utilities Commission Order 30267, Case No. IPC-E-04-15  (initial decoupling order)

What we found out in Idaho is that it wasn’t Idaho Power that was pushing Smart Grid, Smart Meters and “Demand Side Management”, it was the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC).  The IPUC is not acting in the interests of the people of Idaho, they are implementing the policies of NARUC – and NARUC is responding to the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) – and NAESB is working with NIST and the Department of Energy (DOE).

Here is the suggestion for all Tea Party Groups, 9-12, property rights groups, – all groups fighting Agenda 21.

Rally your members for an all out campaign to reach your neighbors.   Prepare a flyer with the information below and hand it out everywhere – grocery stores, shopping malls, anywhere people are congregated.   The front side should be about the electricity rate increase – the back side about Agenda 21.   It would be great if you could organize public meetings to tell people about Agenda 21 and advertise those meetings on the flyer.

Ask the people to send a comment about the rate increase to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.  The comment can be emailed or a letter can be written.  The comment must include the Case Number and their name and address.

Also, include the name and address of their state legislators – representatives and senators and ask them to send a copy of their comment and/or a letter to them about the out of control costs for essential services.

IPUC Case information on the rate increase:

Case Number:  IPC-E-12-07
Date Filed:       April 4, 2012

IPUC Case information

Here is a sample of a citizen comment on another matter, but it shows the information that should be included:

Sample Comment

If you want to file your comment electronically, use this link:

IPUC Case Comment Form

If you want to write a letter, the following is the address.  All correspondence whether electronic or paper, should include the Case Number:

Idaho Public Utilities Commission
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0074

This is a golden opportunity – but it is time limited.

Vicky Davis
April 29, 2012

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  1. Does this mean Mary Fallin is going to disconnect her hot tub and heated pool?? Or does that not count because she doesn’t pay for it. We do. Tighten that belt Mary!

    Comment by dkpb — May 18, 2012 @ 6:25 am

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