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November 21, 2010

Charles: One Scary Prince

On Friday, Novmber 19, 2010 NBC’s Dateline featured England’s Prince Charles in an interview and a green documentary entitled Harmony.  Wealthy Charles is  Al Gore with a British accent,  wielding power and clout over a lot of land.  Charles, and the makers of the green documentary Harmony, advocate for sustainable development policies to combat the ever-increasing “man-made global environmental crisis,” stressing the importance of reducing humanity’s carbon footprint, changing how people live, work, travel, and eat.Everyone is to make sacrifices, everywhere and everyday, to the save the earth.  This includes making more land inaccessible to people and forcing people to live in smaller, compacted communities. Link to NBC.

[In 1997, author/researcher Joan Veon wrote a revealing book on Charles entitled Prince Charles, the Sustainable Prince, a recommended read.]

Listening to the Gore-ish Prince makes one appreciate even more the Pilgrim/Puritan  flight out of England and the subsequent American Revolution; this English prince is barely coherent, repetitive, and vague. Yet, through privilege, wields power and authority over the very lives of others and can successfully dictate policy.  

England – what were you thinking?  

The link below, forwarded by a friend, includes a 9-minute overview explaining the intent and purposes of “sustainable development.”  I would encourage folks to view the video and read the summary.

Link: http://nuclearsuntan.blogspot.com/

The mandates (including federal stimulus funding for Sustainable Communities Initiatives) making sustainable development work requires integrated technology (electronic) systems implemented via “e-government, e-learning systems, e-business, and e-health.” 

Eventually, there will be a standardized e-tax system to fund it all.

Without an integrated electronic network of systems, sustainable development cannot function successfully.

The move toward putting all functions of government, school, business, and health services online (“to eliminate waste, create efficiencies, and to reduce fragmentation”) serves multiple purposes, including control, influence, and limitation of the actions of all people; tracking the progress of the implementation of sustainable policies; and the electronic ability to assess fees for non-compliance with those policies.

This is not happening in some far off place – it is here and it is now. According to NBC, it’s is universal.

Our State lawmakers – every session – are implementing parts of the systems causing Oklahoma to come into compliance with sustainable development policies. 

It is vitally important to not only understand sustainable development but to participate in the state legislative process to counter-act this un-Godly, liberty-killing governance system.


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