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August 23, 2015

Tulsa Beacon: The Detestable Act of Abortion Shows Insight on our Nation

Randy-Bright-MugTulsa Beacon Article

By Randy W. Bright

August 6, 2015

The Detestable Act of Abortion Shows Insight on our Nation

Anyone who is a dog owner has had that moment when they catch their dog drinking from the toilet bowl.  Upon admonishment, the dog gives you a quizzical look that says, “Is something wrong”?

Perhaps it is an unfair comparison, and it is obviously not even in the league with things that go on in society, but it does convey the analogy that people often become so desensitized to detestable things that they not only don’t detect that their behavior is wrong, but fully believe that absolutely wrong is absolutely right.

We have seen this repeatedly during human history, case after case of man’s inhumanity to man, where one man no longer perceives another man as a human being, and thus feels no shame or remorse at the mistreatment of his counterpart.

Of course, the most prevalent example of this is one that took place during the lifetime of some of our oldest living citizens, Adolph Hitler and Germany. An acquaintance of mine who grew up in Germany during Hitler’s rise to power said that he was seen as someone who was going to save his or her nation.  At tht time Germany had suffered a humiliating defeat at the end of World War I, and was in a deep depression, both financially and mentally.

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December 30, 2013

OK-SAFE 2013 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Happy New Year from OK-SAFE!

May 21, 2013

Moore Tornado Disaster Relief Drop off Locations – Updated 4:34 pm

[5/21/13 UPDATE From KFOR in Oklahoma City:  “The medical examiner’s office has confirmed 24 people have been killed in Monday’s Moore tornado; at least 230 have been injured.  Amy Ellis with the medical examiner’s office said of the 24, nine are children. Ellis said in a press conference Tuesday seven of those children were found in the Plaza Towers Elementary School and two more were found elsewhere.”]

OK-SAFE, Inc. – May 21, 2013, the day after a monstrous tornado struck the Moore, OK area, killing an estimated 91 people 24 people, many nine of whom were children.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families who have suffered loss in yesterday’s tornado.  We thank the Lord for all the lives spared.

People are wanting to help.  One way to do so is by helping local churches (Moore, Edmond, and Oklahoma City) who are active in the relief effort.  Local churches are good to support because they know the people and their needs (emotional and physical), and have the means to direct that help where it is needed most.

Partial List of Churches Helping

Here are three local churches helping in the Moore disaster relief effort:

  1. First Baptist Church in Moore – 301 NE. 27th Street, Moore, OK. (Right off I-35, just north of where tornado hit).        Phone: 405-793-2600   Pastor: Kevin Clarkson.  Huge parking lot with disaster relief HQ and mobile kitchen set up.
  2. Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond – 1230 N. Sooner Rd., Edmond, OK.  Phone: 405-348-1745   Pastor: Paul Blair.  Church will be delivering donations, including financial donations, to First Baptist Church of Moore.
  3. Windsor Hills Baptist Church – 5517 NW 23rd, Oklahoma City, OK.  Phone: 405-943-3326.  Pastor: Tom Vineyard.  Church will be collecting items for families from Moore Baptist Temple who lost their homes.  Financial assistance needed.

Initial needs: Bottled water, Gatorade, wipes, diapers, flash lights and batteries, and ready to eat food items.

Other Relief Efforts

News station KFOR in Oklahoma City has a great running list of Tornado Relief drop off sights.  Click on the link below to find a location near to you:


Hit the refresh button to check for updated information.

From the Salvation Army:

Salvation Army Gearing Up to Respond in Moore, OK

May 20, 2013 – 9:18 PM EDT
Christopher Priest
(404) 728-6704
The Salvation Army is currently mobilizing disaster response units to serve hard-hit areas in Central Oklahoma, including Moore and South Oklahoma City. Major Steve Morris, Divisional Commander of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Division of The Salvation Army is on the ground in Moore, OK.. In a statement he said “The Salvation Army is calling on everyone to pray for all of those impacted by the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma.” “Many of these impacted communities will take months or even years to recover. The Salvation Army is committed to being there with them throughout and providing aid wherever it’s needed.” More information will follow.

The Salvation Army is welcoming cash donations that will help provide food, water, ice and other necessities in the initial response. The Salvation Army is also providing emotional and spiritual comfort to those affected.

Donors are encouraged to give online at http://www.SalvationArmyUSA.org or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769).

You can also text the word “STORM” to 80888 to make a $10 donation through your mobile phone; to confirm your gift, respond with the word “Yes.”

Oklahomans are known for pulling together in a disaster to help each other.  It looks like this time is no different.  This is a good place to live.

September 5, 2012

A Suggested Survival List – by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

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OK-SAFE, Inc. – This was such a good and practical post by Pastor Chuck Baldwin that we’re re-posting it here.

We are living in somber times – no matter where you live, or what you think may happen, it is good to get your own house in order – your spiritual house first, then your natural house.



From the Chuck Baldwin Live website, August 30, 2012:

A Suggested Survival List – By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

It’s once again time for my annual survival list column. One does not have to be a prophet to know that we are on the precipice of some potentially catastrophic–or at the very least, challenging–days. In fact, most of us are already in challenging days, and some are already enduring catastrophic events. That is, if one would call being out of work, losing one’s home, facing life-threatening medical conditions without any prospect of medical insurance, several families being forced to live in one house due to homes being foreclosed, etc., catastrophic.

The potential for an escalation of cataclysmic events, however, is very real. Only a “blooming idiot” would call someone who attempts to prepare for “the day of adversity” a Chicken Little now. Anyone who does not see the storm clouds on the horizon isn’t paying attention.

For example, can one imagine what would happen if Russia or China launched a nuclear attack against the United States? (Once again, I encourage readers to watch the CBS TV series “Jericho” to get an idea of how quickly life, and even civilization, could change.) Imagine if there was another 9/11-type event. What would happen if some form of Zimbabwe-style inflation hit the US? What would happen if anything disrupted the distribution of Welfare checks, or food to local grocers? Imagine a Hurricane Katrina-style natural disaster in your town. I think people everywhere are beginning to awaken to just how vulnerable we all really are.

As a result, people from virtually every walk of life have asked my thoughts on how they should prepare. Therefore, I will, again, attempt to share with my readers some of the counsel I have given these folks.

First, a disclaimer. I am not an economist; I am not a survival expert; I am not a firearms expert; I am not an attorney; I am not a physician. In fact, I am not an expert in anything! For several years, however, I have tried to learn from others. I am an avid reader. My work has allowed me to travel extensively. In fact, I have logged over 150,000 miles crisscrossing this great country over the last few years. I have had the privilege of sitting at the feet of–and learning from–many of America’s most learned, most trained, and most qualified “experts” in a variety of fields. What I write today, I have learned from others. I’ve formed my own opinions and priorities, of course, but everything I’m sharing has been said, or written about, before. But if I can share something in today’s column that will help someone be better prepared for the days to come, then my goal will have been achieved.


Analyze your living conditions. Where do you live? Do you live in an urban or rural environment? Is it a big city or small town? Do you live in an apartment or condominium? How close are your neighbors? Do you even know your neighbors? Would you trust them if the electricity was off and they were hungry? Could you grow your own food if you had to? How easily could you secure your home? If you live in a cold weather environment, how long could you stay warm without electricity? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself now.

Over the past several decades, masses of people have migrated into large metropolitan areas. More people currently live in urban areas than at any time in American history. While this may be well and good for times of prosperity, it is an absolute nightmare during any kind of disaster. Does anyone remember what New Orleans looked like after Hurricane Katrina came through? Can anyone recall what happened in downtown Los Angeles during the 1992 riots? Needless to say, any inner-city environment could become a powder keg almost instantaneously, given the right (or wrong) circumstances. And the bigger the city, the bigger the potential problems.

If you live in the inner city, I suggest you consider moving to a more rural location. Obviously, now is a very good time to buy property (especially rural property), but the downside is, selling property is not as favorable. If you can afford it, now is a great time to buy a “safe house” outside the city. If you are fortunate enough to have family or some true friends nearby, you may want to put your heads–and some resources–together in preparation for serious upheaval. Obviously, a team of prepared people is much better than being alone.

If you must stay in your urban location, have some common sense plans in hand in the event of a major disaster. Get to know your neighbors: find out whom you can trust and whom you can’t. Keep some extra gasoline on hand, in case you need to get in your car quickly and leave. Have several exit routes planned ahead of time, in case roads are blocked. Have a “bug-out” bag containing essential ingredients to live on for three to four days. If leaving is not an option, have a plan to secure your home as best you can. You’ll need to think about things such as food, water, medicine, warmth, self-defense, etc. But at this point, to do nothing is absolute lunacy!

Most readers probably know that my entire family and I made the decision two years ago to move 2,600 miles from our home of 35 years in the Florida panhandle to the Flathead Valley of Montana, which is located about 75 miles south of the Canadian border in the Rocky Mountains. I can tell readers without equivocation or hesitation that we are so glad we made this move. We absolutely love it here–all the difficulties and trials associated with such a life-changing move notwithstanding. In fact, I’ve never lived in a place I love so much!

If readers want to learn more about what prompted our move to Montana, please peruse the information on this web page:



During a major disaster, food will quickly disappear. Living for over three decades on the Gulf Coast, I can tell you with absolute certainty that whenever disaster strikes (usually an approaching hurricane, for those folks), food and provisions at the store sell completely out in a matter of a few hours. People panic, and within hours, you cannot find food, bottled water, ice, generators, batteries, candles, etc. In a matter of hours, every gas station in the area will be completely out of gas. Not days. Hours!

Furthermore, almost all disasters include a complete loss of electricity. The water supply is compromised. Bottled water becomes more valuable than bank accounts. Dehydration becomes a very real and present danger. I remember witnessing a man offer an ice vendor $100 for an extra bag of ice during Hurricane Ivan. My wife and I went two weeks (14 days) without electricity in the aftermath of that hurricane. Believe me, I got a taste of just how precious bottled water, ice, batteries, generators, fuel, etc., can become.

I suggest you have a supply of food and water to last at least a month. Many survival experts insist that a six-month supply is the minimum. Personally, I can live a long time on tuna fish or peanut butter. You can purchase MREs from a variety of sources, as well as “camp-style” packaged food from many sporting goods stores. Of course, bottled water is available everywhere during normal times. Stock up! Distilled water will store longer than spring water. Plus, I suggest you have some water purification tablets or a Katadyn water filter on hand. And, if you are able, prepare to grow your own food. In cold weather climates such as we have here in Montana, people quickly learn how to construct and utilize greenhouses in which to grow food. Canning food is another very helpful hedge against deprivation. If your parents and grandparents were like mine, this was standard operating procedure.

Get a generator. Keep a supply of fuel on hand. Stay stocked up on batteries, candles, portable lights, first aid supplies, and personal hygiene items–especially toilet paper. Trust me, during times of intense and prolonged disaster, toilet paper could become more valuable than money. I also suggest you never run out of lighters or matches. You never know when you’ll need to build a fire–and during a prolonged survival situation, fire could save your life. If you live in a cold weather climate, you probably already have some sort of wood stove or fireplace. And don’t overlook the necessity of a good knife.

Obviously, you need to take stock of your clothing. Do you have clothes suitable for extended outdoor activity? What about boots? During a disaster, you would trade your best suit from Neiman Marcus for a good pair of boots. Do you have gloves? Insulated underwear? What about camouflage clothing? These could become essential outerwear in the right conditions. Plus, any “bug-out” bag will need to include spare clothing. And as most folks here in Montana know, “cotton kills.” For extended outdoor wear in cold weather, wool is the only way to go!

Communication and medical provisions are also a high priority in any kind of emergency. How will you communicate with your loved ones when the phones (including cell phones) go down? Portable ham radios are a very valuable resource. But the time to buy (and train to use) one is NOW! A preordained rally point (or safe house) might be something to think about. And what about medical supplies? Do you have enough to take care of routine (and not-so-routine) emergencies? What about your prescription drugs? How long could you function if you were cut off from your pharmacist for any length of time? Also, seriously consider learning about natural, herbal medicines. Those plants growing in your “back forty” might just cure a headache, stop bleeding, or even save your life. Think about it now.

And one more suggestion, while we’re on this subject: the best resources in the world are of little use if one is physically incapable of making good use of them. In other words, GET IN SHAPE. During any kind of emergency situation, physical exertion and stamina become immensely important.


I suggest you have at least some cash on hand. Just about any and all disasters will result in banks being closed for extended periods of time. That also means credit card purchases being suspended. You need to have enough cash to be able to purchase essential goods (if they are even available) for an undetermined amount of time.

Of course, some survival gurus insist that during any cataclysmic climate, precious metals will become the only reliable currency. A little gold and silver could go a long way in a prolonged emergency. For that matter, with the way our fiat money system is coming unraveled, you may want to seriously consider moving your IRA accounts into precious metals, if for no other reason than to better protect your savings. Ask yourself, how much money have I already lost at the hands of these banksters in the Federal Reserve and their toadies in the stock market?

In fact, in a disaster, what is considered a valuable commodity can change rather quickly, as the barter system takes a life of its own. What is valuable is determined by what you need and how badly you need it. In a prolonged disaster, simple things such as toilet paper, canned goods, ammunition, and clothing could become extremely valuable; while cars, video games, televisions, etc., could be reduced to junk status. In antiquity, wars were fought over things such as salt. You might be surprised to learn that there are already active barter groups in your area. I suggest you establish a relationship with these people now!

Speaking of cars, remember that during a prolonged “national emergency” that might involve some sort of nuclear attack or widespread civil unrest, an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) might be employed; in which case, most every late model vehicle would be completely inoperable. Accordingly, if one can keep an older, pre-computer-age vehicle in good working order, he or she might be driving the only non-government vehicle capable of going anywhere. Of course, you might not want to drive it to town!

Rest of Chuck Baldwin article here.

August 1, 2012

Arising in America – A Multi-Religion, Pseudo-Christian Religious Movement on the Horizon?

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There is only one way to God and that is through Jesus Christ.  Scripture reads, “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. ”  (John 14:6)

This is a basic Christian understanding – pretty straightforward and accepted by Christians the world over.

Until the world was assaulted by the global one-worlders and forced mandates of “tolerance”, “multiculturalism”, and the “many paths to God” ideology.

In the globalists’ one-world vision Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, is out and the “many-paths/many-gods” ideology is in.

This is contrary to God’s word.

“For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Phil 2:9-11)

The truth is that there is only one Way to God and to achieve salvation  and that is through the acceptance of God’s only begotten son Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, acceptance of His sacrificial death as atonement for our sins, and acknowledgement of His resurrection.

Is there a movement out there working to replace this Truth with something else, something more globally acceptable?

Arising in America – A Multi-Religion, Pseudo-Christian Religious Movement on the Horizon  

By Bruce DeLay, Pastor, August 1, 2012

As an American, I can stand shoulder to shoulder with other Patriotic folks, regardless of their race, religious creed or background and work to rescue our Nation.   I have a track record of doing that very thing.  But as a Christian, I cannot sit silently, much less actively participate, when the Christian Faith is being misrepresented and even re-defined before my very eyes.  We are currently watching a Multi-Religion, Pseudo-Christian Movement arise rapidly in America.  

And since my Christianity has priority over my American Patriotism, I have to draw the line.  I love my Country, but I owe far more to Jesus Christ, my Lord.

Let me be clear:  I have met Glenn Beck a couple of times, and I like him.  What’s not to like?  He’s sincere, creative, funny, and shares many of my specific views regarding the problems in our Nation.  I admire his efforts in many areas:  Business, Media, Internet, Investigative Reporting, Historic Americana, and so on.  He gets things done.  But I do wish he would steer clear of Spiritual matters.  He is misrepresenting Christianity terribly.  And many spiritually-malnourished Christians, who have been starved for Biblical Truth in their own Churches, are falling for it.  

I predict that within a year we will have a whole new type of Mega-Church in America.  The problem is:  It will not actually be Christian (therefore neither Church), although it will present itself on the surface as Christian.

I’m not quibbling over non-essential doctrine here, this is serious.  In some ways it will re-define Christianity in the minds of well-meaning people.  It will be more “Giga-Church” than merely Mega-Church.  Mega-Church is so last millennium, isn’t it?  It will make the Mega-Churches of yesterday look like dinosaurs.

Now I’m sure that Glenn believes he is doing the right thing.  He already has his Associate Pastors and Helps Ministry (Pat and Stu) in place.  He has a whole new brand of “Praise and Worship” Music, complete with a large supply of up and coming artists.  And no one throws a big Event like Glenn, either.  He gets the big-named speakers in to Teach, Evangelize, and Prophesy.  Glenn’s wife even held a Women’s Conference in concert with the Restoring Love Event, just like every good Mega-Church Pastor’s wife does these days.  In truth, Glenn is beating the modern American Mega-Church at their own methodology game.  He seems to have already taken the title of “America’s Pastor” from Rick Warren.  Yet this indicates to me that American Christianity is in even greater danger than when Rick Warren was in the national limelight.  Wow – that’s saying a lot.

Just remember:  The Rolling Stones can fill a Stadium.  Oprah can build a successful TV network.  Being successful in these ways does not automatically equate to Biblical Christian faithfulness.

Bigger isn’t always better.

One of the first red flags I noticed was Glenn’s misrepresentation of the historic Black Robed Regiment a couple of years ago.  This was also about the same time he began to lean more toward Spirituality in his message.  For someone who wants to always get History right, Glenn was totally off base on this one.  At a national Rally in Washington DC, he introduced “The Black Robed Regiment”, including Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, and yes, Islamic clergy.  The true Black Robed Regiment following the Great Awakening were Christian, Protestant preachers, period.  And, oh yes, they were Male, also.   It’s not politically correct, but it certainly is historically accurate.  Mormonism wasn’t even invented until almost the mid 1800s.  There were a total of zero Mormons alive during America’s War for Independence.

You will notice that Glenn talks a lot about God.  Many say: “That’s nice”.  He seldom talks about Jesus, however – and when he does, he has made it clear that he’s not referring to the Jesus of the New Testament.  He lumps Jesus Christ in with figures like Gandhi and Mother Theresa.  To a Bible-believing Christian, Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us in the flesh.  He is the only begotten Son who died on a Cross for our sins and who Raised from the dead.  Without His blood, men are doomed to eternal hell.

Jesus is the only Name under heaven by which men must be saved.  He is the Way, the Truth, the Life, and no man comes to the Father – unless they come through Jesus.

Yet, our pulpits stopped preaching the real Jesus long ago.  Now good folks are easily deceived.  Religious humanism is just as wrong as Secular Humanism.  Man cannot save himself.   To suggest that he can – is to marginalize the Cross and trample the blood of Christ under foot.

You will also notice that Glenn emphasizes Good Works.  It makes people feel good to do good works, and it makes the recipients of good works feel mighty thankful, even indebted to those who did the good works for them.  We all know that God wants us to help our fellow man, but any Christian should be able to recognize a Works-oriented theology when he sees one.  Orthodox, Biblical Christian teaching is clear: our good works are like filthy rags.  There is none righteous, no not one.  It does not make us good people or even better people if we do good works.  Our only goodness is in Christ.  Any Good Works we do – is only after we’ve been Born Again.  Our Good Works are a result of our Salvation, not something that we use to earn Salvation.  Only Jesus’ blood could buy our forgiveness.

I call all Christian leaders involved with Glenn Beck into account on this Biblical truth.  Please get Glenn’s attention, lead him to Christ, and turn this Movement from the direction it is headed.

Unfortunately, some Christian leaders are seduced by microphones, cameras, invitations to speak at prestigious events, and large crowds.  Those things can add up to: money and fame.  But, at what price?

America needs a Savior, alright.  But will we find Salvation in our Patriotism?  Will we find Salvation in any national Movement for Goodness?  No.  These things are quickly becoming subtle substitutes for Jesus Christ and His true Church.  And the well financed media-message is drowning out the real Gospel which declares: Jesus is the Only way.

How far down must America go before she humbles herself and cries out for mercy through Jesus Christ?  If we prop America up with patriotic pseudo-saviors, then God will allow more judgment to be poured out.  Let’s simply turn back to Almighty God through His Only Son: Jesus Christ.  Not through Moses, not through Mohammed, not through Mary, not through Joseph Smith, and not even through George Washington.  Until then, we are just going through the religious motions and prolonging the inevitable judgment we face due to our Sin.  (I actually think George Washington would be offended by his image being immortalized on Mount Rushmore).  Patriotic idolatry?  I submit that the apostles of the New Testament, and the American Founders would see it that way.  Abe Lincoln would blush in shame if he saw himself at the Lincoln Memorial.

I met Glenn Beck not long after he first got involved with Mormonism.  I prayed for him, and I figured he would discover the problems with the Mormon religion in due time, ultimately exposing it – as he does with other corrupt institutions.  But he has gone deeper into this religion, instead. I guess it’s hard to bite the hand that feeds you.  However, I do know that it is possible to strongly promote God and Country without going into spiritual La-La Land in the process.  Many organizations like the John Birch Society were doing it before it was cool.

But this Multi Religion Pseudo-Christian Movement is taking on a life of its own.  If it continues as is, I predict it will do far more harm to Christianity in the end, than any good it is currently doing for our American society.  It has the potential of leading many people astray.

To recap:  This Multi-Religion Movement, passing itself off as a Patriotic Christian thing, is poised to become franchised into Mega-Churches across America and even abroad (Global Tea Party).  This Movement does not honor Jesus Christ for who He truly is.  It is Works based, rather than Grace.  It stands to overtake and even absorb Mega-Churches which have been seeking direction for a while now.  While it may mention Scripture at times, it is not Bible-based.

While Christians may agree politically, we must not prioritize politics over Jesus.  The anemic state of the America Church has given way to such Movements.  The Bible must be taught and preached in our Churches again.

My prayer is that this Movement would either be turned back toward a Grassroots political Movement; or that Jesus Christ would reveal Himself to Glenn and redeem the whole thing.  I urge Christian Leaders to tell the Church the truth, and not be afraid of being a Political party-pooper.  Mark my words: there is danger here, and we must acknowledge it for what it truly is.  Jesus is the only Answer for America.

– Bruce DeLay

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