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June 24, 2013

OK-SAFE July 4th Money Bomb! Help Us Continue Our Work in Oklahoma

The people of Oklahoma have made it abundantly clear – they do not want “Obama Care” in this state.[1]

Neither does OK-SAFE. 

Who We Are

OK-SAFE, Inc. is a 501c4, non-profit Oklahoma Corporation, founded in late 2006 by 13 Oklahomans.  We are dedicated to the principles of constitutionally limited government, and the promotion of the American free enterprise system. 

We act only to secure Life, Liberty and Property (Pursuit of Happiness) in the state of Oklahoma, recognizing that these rights are endowments from God, not privileges dispensed by man.

In line with this purpose, OK-SAFE has made opposition to the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obama Care”) a primary focus of its efforts for the last couple of years.

Help OK-SAFE continue its’ work! Make plans today to donate to the JULY 4TH MONEY BOMB!  [Click HERE to donate.]Framed OK-SAFE Money Bomb Graphic

Principle Over Politics

OK-SAFE is a non-partisan policy organization dedicated to Principle over Politics.

We are not affiliated with any national organization and conduct original research.   The result is that OK-SAFE is able to direct its’ attention where the research and evidence demands – and not where any out-of-state entity dictates.

This intentional independence allows us to remain nimble and effective as an organization.

What We Do – Research

OK-SAFE actually reads the bills, unlike many of our elected officials!

We read the entire Affordable Care Act; we read and exposed the $54 M Early Innovator Grant for what it was – the means of implementing “Obama Care” in this state.

Not only did we lead the fight against this federal intrusion, weled Oklahoma’s successful push back against Insurance Exchanges, not once, but three times.

What We Have – Proven Credibility

OK-SAFE conducts its’ our own research and source all of its’ work.

In fact, OK-SAFE was the only grassroots group invited to give testimony to the 2011 Joint Legislative Committee on Federal Health Care Law in Oklahoma.

This same presentation, entitled Health Care Reform – IT, Security and Privacy Concerns has been read online over 3,500 times by people from across the country.   

The five months we dedicated to researching “Obama Care” enabled us to help other states launch their own successful anti-Obama Care efforts. (Kansas and South Dakota, for example.)

This research also laid the foundation for the creation of our single-subject website Exposing Health Care Reform, now used by researchers from across the nation.

Help OK-SAFE continue its’ work. Make plans today to donate to the July 4th MONEY BOMB.

Outreach and Grassroots Training – Essential Elements

OK-SAFE Executive Director, Amanda Teegarden, has been and continues to be a frequent featured guest speaker at both in-state and out-of-state events, and has even been featured in a full-length documentary film entitled Behold a Pale Horse – America’s Last Chance.

Our organization has been featured at several national conferences, including three Freedom 21 Conferences.

Recognizing the importance of a well-informed electorate[2], we have developed (and copyrighted) an in-depth grassroots-training program entitled Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process.

These training programs, conducted several times a year, serve to educate everyday citizens about the legislative process, and have improved the effectiveness of other grassroots organizations in this state.

Attendees come away with a working knowledge of how the legislative process works, better able to distinguish good policy from bad, and with an understanding of how to decipher political double-speak.

OK-SAFE needs your help in fighting “Obama Care” in this state.   

Additionally, we need your support in order to address other critical issues.

Over the last 8 years, OK-SAFE has researched and helped expose such issues as the Trans-Texas Corridor; the REAL ID Act and the collection of biometrics; subversive data collection and surveillance systems; and the political agenda known as Sustainable Development

OK-SAFE Goals and Objectives

We plan to continue and expand our work exposing those policies that undermine the rights of the individual; that hinder our ability to enjoy our inherent rights to life, liberty and property; and that interfere in the traditional free enterprise system.  

We will be taking our internet radio show, America in the Balance, live, enabling us to reach a wider audience with the truth.

Seeing the value in last year’s successful Research Summit, we plan to make this an annual event, inviting the best and brightest in the research field to attend – credible researchers willing to share and network with each other to help get the facts out there so real decisions can be made.  This “sharing of intelligence” serves us all, especially when addressing the key issues facing our country and state today.

We plan to do more outreach and training classes to help increase the effectiveness of Oklahoma’s grassroots groups.

All of this takes financial resources to make happen.

Please help us continue and expand our work in Oklahoma by DONATING TO OK-SAFE’s JULY 4TH MONEY BOMB!  [Click HERE to donate.]

[1] In November of 2010 SQ 756 passed overwhelmingly.  This constitutional amendment was referred to as the Oklahoma Health Care Freedom Amendment, and added a new section of law to the State Constitution – Section 37 to Article 2. It defined “health care system.” This section prohibits making a person participate in a health care system.

[2]Thomas Jefferson said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”  The infusion of knowledge and an enlightened citizenry are essential elements required to maintain liberty.

June 3, 2013

Save the Date — Moneybomb for OK-SAFE set for July 4th!

Save the Date — July 4th
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We are celebrating our past accomplishments while looking ahead to expand our efforts.  We aim to keep all Oklahomans informed, engaged and free.  We need your help!  Plan now to make our July 4th Moneybomb a huge success! 

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