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June 12, 2013

Just ask a Mom! Common Core is Not Welcome in Oklahoma

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OK-SAFE, Inc. – Note to Oklahoma’s Republican leadership:  Common Core is about as welcome in the state of Oklahoma as Obama Care – the people don’t want either one.

From ROPE’s (Restore OK Public Education) post 6/12/13:

Lies, Damned Lies and Common Core

“…It is in this vein that I present to you a word-for-word, blow-by-blow of State Superintendent Janet Barresi’s visit with the Wagner County GOP June 2013.  This was written by a woman named Karen Cuellar – an Oklahoma home schooling mom.

I refuse to edit or manipulate in any way her original email.  She hit this out of the ballpark – she needs no assistance.  Please, read, pass on and become involved TODAY!

“I went to the Wagoner County GOP monthly meeting on Thursday night to see what Barresi could possibly say to defend or sell Common Core to the public. Luckily, this was a group of very informed, anti-common core voters who had done their research. She spent a good 30 minutes on “fake fluff” – really avoiding the details of Common Core and speaking in generalities on how great it was. I could tell the audience wasn’t falling for the usual politician talk.

We were asked to write questions down and submit them to be answered to keep the crowd under control since this is a very controversial topic.

The first question chosen was mine, and it was this: “Our two Republican Senators and Speaker Shannon have publicly come out against Common Core. The RNC and the Oklahoma state GOP both have added very specific language against Common Core to the party platforms. How do you reconcile that – running as a Republican, on a Republican ticket, when your stand is in direct opposition to our party platform?”

I think it caught her by surprise. She seemed uncomfortable, fumbling for an answer, and replied that the party platforms had language about “government intrusion” but not specifically Common Core.  I held up a copy of both platforms and called her out on it. The RNC has 2 full pages that specifically name and deal with all of the aspects of Common Core, and our state platform has one paragraph, but also specifically names Common Core. I had copies of both.

She seemed irritated by that, and then continued down a path that had absolutely nothing to do with the party platform or the direct question I asked. I could tell the crowd noticed it, and was just as upset as I was that she didn’t answer the question.

There were several other questions pertaining to the reading parts of Common Core, specifically removing the Classical literature and replacing it with technical manuals. She said numerous times that the reading was optional, and only “suggested” reading material. She also said over and over that teachers have the choice to pick what they want their students to read…”

Read the rest of this account by one well-informed mom here.



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