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February 10, 2012

Senate Committee Passes Brown’s Health Care Info Bills – SB 999 and SB 1059

OK-SAFE, Inc. – Update to 2/9/12 post.

Despite the objections of all the people who really don’t want more government access to their health information, the Senate Retirement and Insurance committee yesterday passed SB 999 and SB 1059.  (See post below for details about the bills).

According to those present and listening online, the committee members asked few, if any, intelligent questions about either SB 999 or SB 1059, possibly reflecting their lack of understanding about what they’re actually dealing with.

But that’s okay – Senator Brown couldn’t have answered those questions anyway.

Why? Because Brown doesn’t really understand what either these bills do, either.

Despite this fact, it is Brown himself calling others  “misinformed” about his proposed Comprehensive Health Care Information System (SB 999).   Quoted as saying, “There is a lot of misinformation out there about this bill.”, he continued to claim that SB 999 is just a website for for consumer to compare prices of procedures on within a certain radius of one’s zip code.

(Aside: Typically, the only people comparing prices for surgery are those wanting cosmetic surgery, like a boob job.  How many people shop around for the best price on, say, knee replacement?  They want to know who does the best job, not who does it the cheapest.  For heaven’s sake, this is not  an oil change.)

Below are how the Retirement and Insurance Committee members voted on SB 999 and SB 1059 on 2/9/12:

Votes on SB 999 – by Senator Bill Brown

Approved 8-2

Aye: Adelson, Brecheen, Crain, Stanislawski, Treat, Wilson, Aldridge, Brown

Nay: Anderson, Bass

Votes on SB 1059 – by Senator Brown

Approved 5-3

Aye:  Adelson, Stanislawski, Treat, Aldridge, Brown

Nay: Anderson, Bass, Wilson

Might want to send Thank You’s to Senators Patrick Anderson and Randy Bass, and even Senator Jim Wilson, who got one right.

Patrick Anderson: anderson@oksenate.gov – Randy Bass: bass@oksenate.gov

Jim Wilson: wilson@oksenate.gov (SB 1059 only)

Tulsa County Republicans

Notice that all those Senators from Tulsa (Adelson-D, Brown-R, Crain-R, and Stanislawski-R) voted AYE on SB 999.  The Tulsa County Republic County Convention is set for Saturday, March 24, 2012 – might want to bring these vote results with you.

See details in post below entitled Brown’s Big-Government Health Information Bills Being Heard 2/9/12 for more information on what is wrong with SB 999 and SB 1059.



  1. First off this Bill is a sham the sentence “Be it enacted by the “”PEOPLE”” of Oklahoma”. Is a LIARS statement unless the “employee/politician” are the only people in the state of Oklahoma. Or the people/employers of Oklahoma don’t count as people by the legislature/employees. Either way the “people/employers need to point this out…”EMPLOYEES” DO NOT MAKE LEGISLATION OR LAWS FOR THE “EMPLOYERS”

    Comment by mokuahi — February 11, 2012 @ 1:03 am

    • True, Most of them probably didn’t even know it took place at all.
      It apears at times that they do live in their own little world. Scary to think that a group of out of touch goof balls is in charge.

      Comment by d — February 12, 2012 @ 3:44 am

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