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November 15, 2011

The American People Are NOT Slaves

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Commentary –

The American People Are NOT Slaves

Nor are we simply ‘”carbon-based life forms”, as some in the IT world would have it. (Carbon-based life forms is the identity management description used to differentiate humans from “silicon-based life forms”, i.e., a computer, who/that may be asking for access to a computer network or system.)

After doing more than 5 months worth of research on health care reform (PPACA, aka the Affordable Care Act, and the ARRA, aka the Stimulus Bill, the real health care reform law), this writer finally came to understand what “health care reform” was really about.

Health care reform means that the feds have finally managed to implement the freakish, never-to-die-DARPA project called  Total Information Awareness.

TIA, masquerading as Health Care Reform, will finally strip all remaining rights (such as they are) from the people of this country, mostly for the financial gain of one sector – namely the technocratic IT-god complex.

“Health care reform” was the magic elixir packaged and sold to the American public that finally secured buy-in to the whole global surveillance system.

From the OK-SAFE ppt on Health Care Reform – IT, Privacy and Security Issues:

Government, via “health care reform”, and other federal spy initiatives, is establishing a globally networked and integrated intelligence enterprise – one that includes an extraordinary amount of extremely personal, detailed information about the America people.

In it’s attempt to create an all-knowing technocratic “god”, and to satisfy the IT industry’s insatiable, ever-changing appetite, government is doing an end-run around human dignity and nullifying our God-given rights to life, liberty and property.

“Nature has not made men slaves, but free, with an intrinsic right to liberty when they infringe not the equal freedom of others.  Not only so, but liberty is a divine principle, recognized in Scripture.  So the Psalmist declared, “I will talk at liberty; for I seek thy precepts,” and Jesus taught that it is lawful for a man to do what he will with his own, when he thereby commits no wrong to others.”   Source: Biblical Law , by H.B. Clark, p. 15

It’s past time for the Oklahoma legislature to get over being clueless as to what health care reform is really about – it’s about the IT (information technology) and information sharing; establishing the globally connected “network of networks”; for spying on the America people; for the establishment of regional agreements that dissolve borders and boundaries; and for wealth creation for one sector – the technocratic IT-god complex.

Legislators need remember that their first love is supposed to God (and country?) – not the self-serving IT industry.


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