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November 14, 2011

Health Care Reform Definded – It’s Not What You Think

OK-SAFE, Inc. – OK-SAFE was the only grassroots organization* in Oklahoma given an opportunity to speak to the Joint Legislative Committee on Federal Health Care Law.

It was also the only organization that actually defined what is meant by “health care reform”.

The Federal Data Hub – the New American Idol?










Health Care Reform – is really about the use of IT to implement a nationwide health information network (NHIN), that will enable the seamless flow of information across boundaries, and that allows a growing global surveillance system to function. Medical records will be accessible, without a search warrant, by the Dept. of Homeland Security, and others.

Electronic Health Records – Reform is predicated on the creation of a standardized, interoperable electronic health record (EHR) on every single individual

Cradle-to-Grave – EHRs are used for data collection, aggregation and reporting and are intended to track a person from birth to death. (Longitudinal)

EHRs are universal and to be shared globally – not only within our government, but with foreign governments, universities, and other third parties.

Requires Standardization and Interoperability – to establish uniformity and compatibility in data collection, regardless of jurisdiction.

EHRs include each person’s genetic information – and will be used for research purposes without the knowledge or consent of the person.

Rights killing – Health care reform, and other data collection networks, do an “end-run” around search warrants and nullif our inherent rights to life, liberty and property.


See the OK-SAFE power point here for a detailed explanation of Health Care Reform – IT, Privacy and Security Issues.


You can listen online to two interviews discussing the real meaning and purpose of health care reform and how the exchanges plug into the system. Check out the 11/6/11 America in the Balance radio show and to the 11/4/11 interview entitled “Privacy or Panopticon?” podcast on Axxiom for Liberty on Rule of Law radio.

*[OCPA gave the only other conservative perspective to these proceedings, having a speaker at two of the meetings. Both OCPA presentations showed the stark reality of the high cost of health care reform, as well as pointing out excess spending by state health care entities.]


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