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June 20, 2010

Truth revealed re: Palin endorsement of Mary Fallin

Below is a response to the recent weird endorsement by Sarah Palin of Congresswoman Mary Fallin, a 2010 Republican candidate for Oklahoma governor.  Fallin’s elitist leanings and bailout vote is well known in Oklahoma, as well as her recent marriage to a D.C. Democrat.   Fallin, with almost $750,000 in campaign contributions,  is a corporatist, not a Tea Party/Grassroots candidate, but look who endorsed her:  Sarah Palin.  What’s up with that?
Email the Palin camp at info@sarahpac.com
Dear Sarah PAC,
The decision to endorse big-government, bailout-voting Mary Fallin for governor of Oklahoma is a telling one, revealing how the establishment Republican machine works and what the ‘Sarah Palin’ product is really about.
Palin’s role? To secure the “Tea Party/grassroots” support for big-government corporatists in the Republican primaries and to give political cover to the insiders using her.
Oklahomans know that D.C. insider Mary Fallin has the same attitude toward regular citizens that the BP Chairman has toward the people affected by the oil spill – they are ‘the small people.’ The ‘small people’ live in the wrong zip codes and can be ignored. 
Oklahomans know that Mary Fallin is an aloof, slightly dim candidate who doesn’t answer questions or debate issues.  Surrounded by elites, Fallin knows she doesn’t have to do anything except follow the dictates of the big-government types who are funding her campaign and remember to say “Constitution” once in a while in her speeches. 
Thank you for shedding light on Palin’s real purpose and role in this election: providing cover for the same corrupt establishment that got Americans into the situation we’re now facing.
While it is always better to have the truth revealed, it would have been better for Oklahoma for Palin to stay out of this election.
Amanda Teegarden
Republican Precinct Chair
Tulsa County Republican Executive Committee member
Tulsa, OK


  1. Well said and most timely – thank you Amanda for stating what is blatantly obvious, but what we would rather have not have had to say.

    It is time to get smart about the slick glossy mailers and the faux news machine and elect people who will remember the Constitution with every vote and not just at election time or once in a while when convenient. We must get smarter than the ‘corporatists’ or we will lose our very freedom to those who think they know better than we do how to live our lives for us by taking our money to use on their pet projects.

    Let’s stop the nonsense this cycle and send some real people to DC to vote for less government for a change!

    Special thanks to OK-SAFE for providing good information and timely reminders at critical moments like this primary season.


    PS In some elections, the primary is the deciding factor and we need to select the very best one for the job, not the one the elitists tell us is ‘most electable,’ which is their code for the one that would send them more favors. I say Remember the Bailouts, all of them, in 2010 primary elections./sc

    Comment by Sandra Crosnoe — June 20, 2010 @ 1:33 am

    • Nonsense it is. Let’s pray the blinders are off the aging electorate and that this year they toss the corporatists out in July. No more voting straight party at election time – and no more D.C. insiders in the state elections.

      Comment by Amanda — June 20, 2010 @ 1:36 pm

      • I thought the Palin’s endorsement had a fishy aroma, but had hoped for a good explanation. Sorry to say looks like I found it. What about Askey’s record? Any hope, or should I just omit that race when I vote?

        I heard Amanda (I think) at the first Tea Party.
        We are getting help in for my parents, so maybe I can steal a few days to join you folks. My heart is with you.

        Comment by Jane Mullholland — July 29, 2010 @ 12:45 am

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