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May 30, 2009

CA Couple told home Bible study needs permit

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Fox News reported this week that a San Diego couple would need a permit from the city in order to conduct a home bible study.

“Pastor David Jones and his wife Mary have been told that they cannot invite friends to their San Diego home for a Bible study – unless they are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to San Diego County.”

county official asked several pointed questions about the meetings, including asking the wife if they pray and do they say amen?  She said yes, of course they do.

Supposedly the county’s line of questioning was to determine what was taking place on their property in order to determine which ‘land use’ code to enforce.

According to the reports, Pastor Jones and his wife have been having Tuesday night dinners and Bible studies with about 15 people for the last 5 years; it wasn’t until this past week that a neighbor complained about the parking in the cul-de-sac .

The real issue here is what a homeowner can do with his own property and how one exercises freedom of association. 

It would be a very bad sign if the county was actually trying to enforce a code to prevent home Bible study…that would be cause for serious concern.

In the meantime, invite all your friends and neighbors over for dinner and home Bible study.  And be sure to pray and say Amen, Brother!

Maybe you should invite your cranky neighbors and county code enforcement, too.  They need it.

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